MAFS’ Matthew Bennett insists losing his virginity to Lauren hasn’t changed him

“We had this special moment!”
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29-year-old Matthew Bennett applied for Married At First Sight to put himself out there, in the hopes of falling in love for the first time ever.

The shy videographer admits he was “nervous” to tell the entire nation about his virginity, and was even more concerned about revealing the news to his new bride Lauren.

But with a romantic Byron Bay wedding, and a quiet escape to South Australia’s McLaren Vale for his honeymoon, Matthew grew to feel more comfortable with Lauren, who he’s now affectionately calling “Loz.” A lot more comfortable.

After struggling throughout the honeymoon with anxiety about intimacy, Matthew opened up to Lauren on the final night of their honeymoon, revealing very personal and difficult details from his past that caused him to lose confidence and develop a “fear of being intimate.”

In an interview with TV WEEK, Matthew reveals that it was this honest conversation with Lauren that led him to realise she was ‘the one’ to lose his virginity to.

Matthew on his wedding day. Image: Supplied

“I took a chance and really opened up to her about the traumatic experience I had and what really led me to closing myself off and having these issues with being intimate and vulnerable,” Matthew tells. “She really understood and was compassionate and kind. There was a definite connection there.

“I definitely felt closer to her, I felt a lot more comfortable. There was this compassionate kind woman who’s been really supportive. We had this special moment and it definitely brought us closer.”

The conversation that sparked it all. Image: Supplied

Though he lost his virginity on reality TV, Matthew says he’s not about to become an extrovert who loves talking about his sex life.

“I don’t feel anything has really changed because I’m not the kind of person that would talk about it anyway. A gentleman never tells,” he reveals. “It hasn’t really changed me as a person.

“I’m not going in to details but it was a special moment between Lauren and I and something I want to keep private. I’m not one to talk about those kind of things.”

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