MAFS’ Michael and Martha talk babies, annoying habits and why she refuses to stay over at his house

7 months and still going strong, Married at First Sight Australia's Michael and Martha discuss their future plans.
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They were one of only two success stories of the latest season of Married at First Sight Australia. And while the other enduring couple, Cam and Jules, have been happy to crow about their upcoming wedding, throwing a lavish engagement party and appearing on magazine covers everywhere you look, Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis have remained relatively low key. Well, as low key as two people can be who lives their live on social media.

In a video question and answer session with fans on Martha’s Instagram account, the loved-up pair spoke about what life has been like for them post MAFS.

MAFS michael Martha

Michael and Martha have been going strong since the show wrapped at the end of last year.

While there was much angst during the show about whether or not Michael would move to Sydney to be with Martha, it seems that it’s Martha who has made the move to Michael’s home town of Melbourne. But that doesn’t mean the pair are living together. Far from it, with Martha, 30, refusing to stay over at his house.

“I’m living back in Melbourne and Michael lives down the street from my parents house,” she revealed. When asked by a fan “how often do you guys see each other?” Michael responded “A few times a week but Martha won’t sleep over.”

And the reason behind her refusal to stay at Michael’s house? “Because your room is gross and mine is so clean and pristine and it smells nice,” Martha told him.

“It’s because her mum cleans her room every day,’ Michael joked.

Despite only seeing each other a few times a week, it’s clear they are very much in love. When asked the all important question of family, Martha says they want to have kids – they just don’t seem to be able to agree on how many.

“I think we’ll probably have three,” Martha says. “I want two,” Michael says. “A boy and a girl and we’re done.”

What do they argue about the most? Michael’s clothing choices because “Martha is never happy with what I choose to wear – ever.”

One of Michael’s bugbears is the fact that Martha is always late. “She has no time management skills,” Michael said in response to a barrage of questions about his girlfriend’s tardiness, stemming from the fact that they missed the latest Avengers movie because Martha was an hour late.

When asked how long they’ve been together, Martha couldn’t answer the question. Michael, however, knows exactly how long it’s been. For those of you who are wondering, 7 months and 10 days.

Fans can expect to see a lot more of Martha. She signed with talent agency MGMT last week and is also working on setting up a YouTube channel.

As for whether Michael is going to start tidying his room so she can stay over, that remains to be seen.

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