The most tragic moments from the MAFS home stays

Well, that was insightful!
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It’s finally time for the home stays on Married At First Sight Australia with the brides sent packing to spend a week with their respective husbands.

This is where their true colours fly – there’s no more shiny honeymoon suites or fancy hotel rooms to distract their partners with! The home visits separate the boys from the men and last night, we learnt a lot about our MAFS grooms.

From one lad’s terrible skills in the kitchen (and bedroom), to another’s less-than-desirable backyard, here are the most eye-opening moments from the MAFS home stays!

Troy’s pokey one-bedroom apartment breaks our heart

He presents himself as the ultimate metro-sexual, taking a keen interest in grooming and his luscious locks.

But after Troy Delmege let the cameras into his one-bedroom apartment, fans were left in shock over his dated décor.

From the faded brown bed sheets, the retro velvet armchair and oil paintings hanging on the wall, Troy’s home felt more like he was taking Ashley back to crash at his grandpa’s place.

Welcome to Casa Troy!

The IT manager’s brown bed sheets weren’t very enticing.

Troy’s mince recipe makes us feel rather ill

Troy talks a big talk but when we were given a glimpse into his domestic abilities, the wheels really started to fall off.

In a bid to woo his wife Ashley Irvin, Troy promised to cook his killer “pasta a la Troy.”

The only problem was he had no fettuccine, nor the knowledge of how to actually cook on his grease-coated stove.

Poor Ashley was served a ghastly concoction of mushrooms and mince, which were fried on a stove top.

Instead of cooking in the pasta sauce, Troy whacked it on the plate at the very end.

“I can say I’ve never had a meal like this in my whole life,” Ashley remarked as she hesitantly tried a mouthful.

“I mean, it’s not going to kill you,” Troy reassured her.

He capped off their romantic meal with a bizarre massage routine on his bed.

Tuck in, dinner is served.

Dean’s rapping abilities rival Troy’s cooking skills

Here’s a sentence that shouldn’t exist – in an effort to win back his wife Tracey Jewel, cheater Dean Wells serenaded his Mrs with the worst rap in the history of hip hop.

You can relive the awkwardness in all its glory in the player below.

Be be warned,once you watch it, you can never unsee it…

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Spitting iconic lines such as: “Yo Tracey, my little lady! You drive me crazy! After last week on the couch I know you probably hate me but you gave me a shot, you’re so hot. Plus your brain is next level.”

“We tied the knot at first sight and when we got to talking we stay up all night. It’s all right, we gonna make it through it’s just our first fight.”

It’s clear Dean’s got a long way to go in the song writing department.

Please make it stop.

Telv’s dog food and poo-ridden backyard

What better way to safe-guard your marriage by getting your wife to feed the dogs?

Poor Sarah Roza couldn’t come to terms with chunky pet food she had to mix up for Telv William’s two pups.

“I was going to spew because it just looked so gross. The meat smelt wrong,” Sarah laughed, taking the challenge on the chin like a champ.

But it was the poo-ridden backyard that really made the beautician’s eyes pop out of her head. Three words, Telv: Poop-a-Scoop.

WATCH: Sarah meets the dogs. Post continues…

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Will Sarah and Telv’s romance go to the dogs after this episode?

Justin’s “ice cream empire” was such a let down

He’s supposed to be the first-ever “millionaire groom” of the series and is a self-confessed “workaholic” but when ice cream manufacturer Justin Fische took Carly Bowyer to his “global HQ”, it was a nondescript office with a few inspirational quotes blue-tacked to the wall.

As Justin gave his other half the grand tour, highlights included the couch where clients wait and the lunch room, he worked overtime to impress her but she was more concerned about the lack of actual ice creams on offer.

Carly had no game face and was less than impressed.

Where the sweet ice cream magic happens.


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