Meet the brides and grooms of Married At First Sight Australia 2018

Say hello to the singles who are blindly braving the aisle.
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Married At First Sight Australia certainly served up some must-watch TV last season. From the tearful end of Susan and Sean’s love story to the nasty jibes Anthony aimed at his bride Nadia, Married At First Sight was the hot topic in offices and living rooms everywhere. As 10 new couples ready to walk down the aisle, we take a sneak peek at the explosive new season’s brave singles.

Alycia, 28, SA – Student

She’s been planning her fairytale wedding for years. So it’s no surprise Alycia is looking for her real-life Prince Charming. Lucky for him, Alycia already has everything from her vows, dress and pre-wedding diet locked in and ready to rock for when the time comes.

Ashley, 28, QLD – Flight attendant

A former tennis prodigy, Ashley is competitive and loves to speak her mind. She wants to start a family, but time and again has found herself unlucky in love. Perhaps a spot on MAFS is where she’ll finally meet “the one”.

Blair, 31, NSW – Executive assistant

“Once a cheater, always a cheater,” is a sentiment that rings true for Blair. After being married for two years, she says she was shocked to find her husband was having an affair. Now throwing herself back into dating, Blair is determined to meet a man who will treat her right.

Carly, 32, VIC – Marketing manager

Confident, strong and driven, Carly has struggled to find a man who can keep her happy. With high standards, the workaholic isn’t prepared to settle for second best. Carly knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Charlene, 33, VIC – Brand manager

With a 17-year relationship behind her and a larger-than-life personality, career-driven Charlene wants a partner who can hold his own and keep up with her hectic work schedule.

Davina, 26, QLD – Personal trainer

She’s confident, beautiful and has masses of followers on Instagram. It’s fair to say Davina is no stranger to male attention. But she’s picky and says she wants nothing more than to meet a down-to-earth tradie who’s ready to settle down.

Gabrielle, 44, NSW – Marketing coordinator

Previously married and twice engaged, Gabrielle hasn’t had much luck with love. Having been single for three years, the proud mum to an 11-year-old daughter now hopes to find someone genuine, loving and accepting.

Jo, 39, SA – Single mum

With boundless energy and an infectious, bubbly attitude, it’s hard to believe Jo hasn’t been snapped up by now. Despite her 10-year marriage going up in flames, Jo is still fiercely loyal, with a lot of love to give.

Sarah, 38, VIC – Beauty specialist

Worried her biological clock is ticking, having kids is at the top of Sarah’s to-do list. After her ex-fiancé broke her heart, let’s hope Sarah’s fear of rejection doesn’t get in the way of her finding true happiness.

Tracey, 34, WA – Marketing consultant

After marrying and having a daughter when she was young, Tracey found herself single at 30. Now she’s ready to get back out there. Her friends say she should have no trouble – thanks to her “sexual superpowers” that draw men in.

Dean, 39, NSW – Executive creative director

At 23, Dean wed his dream woman. Five years later, the dream ended when she was allegedly unfaithful. Dean has thrown himself into the single life since, but that’s all about to end for him too.

Justin, 41, NSW – Entrepreneur

He’s a self-made businessman with three successful companies to his name. And the only thing missing from Justin’s life is love. So who would be the father-of-two’s ideal partner? Delta Goodrem, of course.

Sean D, 39, SA – Pub manager

He’s run a pub for the past 10 years and is a bit stuck in his ways. Yet to meet “the one”, the lonely lad spends his time on his farm with his horses and alpacas. And he’d love someone to share it all with.

Mathew, 32, VIC – Plumber

We love a larrikin. This season, Mathew is it. An old-school romantic, he’s not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. Now, after caring for his ailing grandmother for two years, he’s ready to find love.

Nasser, 50, NSW – Fitness instructor

Self-care is a top priority for Nasser. A confessed clean freak and gym junkie, he’s used to his bachelor life, but now wants to settle down. His one criteria? His wife must have painted toenails.

Patrick, 34, VIC – Operations manager

Despite enjoying his party-boy ways, “player” Patrick is ditching the clubs to seek his ideal partner. Admitting he’s a “mummy’s boy”, Patrick says mum Ruby still does his washing for him!

Ryan, 29, NSW – Tradesman

He’s a typical guy who loves spending time with his mates. But Ryan’s desire to be the life of the party is coming to an end. Now, he’s at the age where he wants his own family. Ladies love the tradies, right?

Sean T, 34, WA – Railway technician

Sean is sure to raise eyebrows with his claim to have slept with hundreds of women. Despite an “active sex life”, his job in the mines has stopped Sean from settling down. He’s hoping that’s about to change.

Telv, 33, WA – Machinery technician

Family comes first for Telv. He’s one of eight kids and has two little ones of his own. After being single for more than a year, he’s looking for someone who’s a good role model.

Troy, 34, NSW – IT accounts manager

He’s been single for just more than six months, but Troy hopes the show’s experts will find him his perfect match – someone who is easy going and takes care of themselves.

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