Survivor NZ: Lou McClintock opens up about her shock evacuation

We catch up with the 19-year-old Survivor contestant to talk through her shock exit from the show.
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Survivor New Zealand’s youngest competitor left the show this week after a sudden mystery illness forced her to bow out early – but as 19-year-old Lou McClintock tells us, she’s “fully recovered” and back to normal after her harrowing medical ordeal in Nicaragua.

Sadly, however, the shocking incident meant Lou’s dreams of winning the $100,000 grand prize were shattered.

Her exit also sparked a big tribe shake-up. With Mogoton down to just four members after losing Hannah Gough and Tony Deane, and former member Isabel Pearson sent to Redemption Island, they were vastly outnumbered by Hermosa’s seven-strong tribe.

As a result, each contestant drew new buffs to make up two new tribes of five. Jak, Mike, Shay and Lee drew orange buffs making up the new Mogoton, while Barb, Nate, Sala, Avi and Georgia drew purple buffs making up the new Hermosa. Unlucky Shannon drew an extra black buff, sending her straight to Redemption Island for a temporary stay.

Watch the video above to find out what Lou had to say about her time on the show, her plans for the future and what’s next in store

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