John Campbell’s funniest moments from Breakfast this year

Is there anything John Campbell can't do?
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If Judy Bailey is the mother of the nation, then John Campbell can surely lay claim to the title of New Zealand’s cheeky uncle.

When it was announced in April that John would be replacing Jack Tame as co-host of TVNZ’s Breakfast, we were overjoyed to be seeing more of the beloved journalist on our screens. Though we couldn’t help but wonder how he would slot in to the lively morning show?

Well we needn’t have worried, because John has taken to the role like a duck to water. And a beautifully groomed and wonderfully scented duck too, we should add.

Sure, there’s been the odd awkward moment – like the time he forgot his mic was on and was caught out discussing a guest he’d just interviewed. But minor gaffes aside, John has been a shining addition to the Breakfast line up, showcasing both his journalistic instinct and his cheeky sense of humour that had his presenting team and viewers in stitches.

As Breakfast wraps up for the year we take a look back at some of John’s best moments from 2019.

Watch: John Campbell’s most marvellous Breakfast moments. Article continues below.

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Breakfast: A year of celebrations, laughs and tears

2019 was a huge year for the Breakfast team.

They bid a tearful farewell to Daniel Faitaua as he left to take up the position as TVNZ’s European correspondent and welcomed his replacement Jenny-May Clarkson.

Last month it was celebrations all round as weather presenter Matty McLean was crowned TV personality of the year. His hangover has probably just about worn off by now.

If this year is anything to go off, we can’t wait to see what other antics the Breakfast team get up to when they return in 2020!

Video by Lana Byrne. For more great videos check out our Youtube channel.

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