John Campbell gets objectified by Matty McLean on Breakfast and loves it

What is that marvellous smell?

It's always nice to be appreciated by your workmates, and Breakfast host John Campbell was chuffed this morning to be singled out by weatherman Matty McLean for his "amazing" scent.
"John I don't mean to objectify you but you just wandered past me and you smell amazing," Matty marvelled.
"Yeah I have a shower every Thursday," John quipped, before walking over to Matty to give him a closer sniff.
What is this wondrous scent, the team wondered. John says he has "no idea" and when asked by Hayley Holt if he chooses his own cologne, he replies "I don't wear cologne."
It was a statement that prompted Hayley to utter the line that we'll forever associate with John from now on: "It's just your natural musk."
Watch: The Breakfast team hilariously objectify John Campbell. Article continues below.
After a little more digging the team work out that it's actually his moisturiser that was producing the intoxicating smell.
John, a thoroughly modern and proudly metrosexual man takes care of his skin. After all, you don't get to 55 and look as good as he does without putting in a little tender loving care.
"Some beautiful friends who I've known since university own a little company that makes moisturiser and skin products... and I wear their stuff... I'm really proud of them. They started the business themselves."
For those of you who want to smell as good as John, the product he wears is made by World Organics.
As if his CV wasn't already impressive enough, it looks like Mr Campbell can now add influencer to his long list of achievements.