Hayley Holt reveals who her dream co-host would be and dishes on how work has affected her dating life

The bubbly Breakfast presenter gets candid about life, love and ''possibly getting close to becoming an adult''.

By Anya Truong-George and Lana Byrne
Always on the go, Hayley Holt's just wrapped up Breakfast in the studio downstairs when she sits down with us to chat.
"Go easy on me today guys," she quips "I've only had three hours of sleep."
When asked why on earth she'd do that to herself and how she was still functioning she explains she'd been up watching the cricket World Cup the night before and it had been too gripping to switch off.
Adding: "There's another match tonight.
"I think I'm just going to have to read about it in the paper though - I don't know what two days in a row might do to me," she laughs.
A little over 18 months since she switched politics for her role as a presenter on Breakfast, Hayley will be the first one to tell you that she is absolutely not a morning person, but she loves the job and despite the 3.30am wake up calls, she wouldn't have it any other way.
However the unconventional work hours have taken a bit of a toll on her personal life.
In this video Hayley shares how she's had to completely overhaul her daily routine, how its impacted her social and dating life – filling us in on her latest date – and reveals how she's found Breakfast has made her more emotional.
She also reveals how she feels about her "buddy" and co-host Daniel Faitaua leaving the Breakfast family, and who her absolute dream co-host would be.
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