John Campbell’s awkward Breakfast gaffe

Always check if your mic is still on.
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On this morning’s Breakfast show John Campbell was caught out commenting on interview that had just aired, not realising his mic was still on.

The gaffe came as Daniel Faitaua was reading the news. Hayley Holt had just finished an interview with New Zealand Medical Association chair Dr Kate Baddock about the euthanasia (End of Life Choice) Bill currently before parliament. The association is opposed to the Bill in its entirety because doctors would have to assist in ending patients’ lives.

“Doctors are still the ones that would be involved in assisting people to die,” she explained. “It goes against what a doctors role is.”

As Daniel finished reporting the segment John was heard to say “Doctors don’t want to do it because of the (inaudible).” His mic was quickly shut off before he could finish his sentence, although it sounds like he was possibly saying Hippocratic Oath.

Campbell has been caught out on a number of occasions disappearing while the news is being read. He admitted a few weeks ago that he uses the time to make his breakfast and often ends up talking to people at the same time.

Today, after forgetting to turn off his mic, he returned to resounding disapproval from his co-hosts.

“The whole time,” Hayley said as he returned to the desk, referring to the mic being on.

“Whatever,” John responded.

Live TV 101 John – always make sure your mic is off when you’re not on air.

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