The Bachelorette’s Glenn on his shock at being kicked out and his biggest regret from the show

Glenn says he felt like the floor had come away from beneath him when he was singled out to leave the show early.
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The Bachelorette NZ‘s Glenn Richards has spoken out about his eviction from the reality TV dating show, saying he was devastated to have been asked to leave and that he felt he had been “misunderstood”.

In an interview on The Edge‘s breakfast show this morning the 28-year-old personal trainer from Auckland said that it felt like “the floor had dropped away from underneath him” when Lesina announced to the entire cast that he would not be travelling with the rest of the group to Argentina.

He said he felt “devastated” and “gutted” to have been asked to leave the show.

On Sunday night’s episode Lesina and Lily gathered the bachelors on the mansion’s verandah to deliver the crushing news.

Lesina began by explaining, “Lily and I aren’t interested in anyone who is indecisive or trying to play the field. And, Glenn, I’ve had my doubts about you from the beginning.”

She continued, “But it’s become apparent after talking to Daryl [the bachelorettes’ ‘mole’], and after your behaviour last night, that the truth is you’re not here for the right reasons. And so Lily and I have decided that you won’t be joining us in Argentina.”

While the other bachelors looked on in shock host Art Green asked Glenn to grab his bags, saying “you’ll be going home”.

The announcement followed a dressing-down by Lesina at the previous night’s cocktail party when Glenn had pulled her away from a group of men she’d been deep in conversation with, to have “a chat”.

“Here Glenn is trying to again force time with us,” she told the cameras, referencing the fact that Glenn had done the same thing with Lily too.

She then told Glenn, “This is all like super interesting, like all the hand stuff and all the affection.

“But it’s also just a bit odd isn’t it? To be like kinda jumping from person to the other?” she asked.

“I just want to like, talk to both of you. I just want to see where both of you are at so I can select who is the best one suited for me,” Glenn explained.

Lesina was less than impressed.

The awkwardly long hand-hold was Glenn’s signature move on the show. This was the first he shared with Lesina.

With filming taking place late last year it has now been several weeks since this actually unfolded, but it’s only now that Glenn has been able to talk about it publicly.

The Edge breakfast co-hosts Dominic Harvey, Megan Annear and Clint Randell asked Glenn if he felt he had been fairly portrayed on the show and he replied with, “It is what it is”.

His biggest regret, he revealed, was not his behaviour towards the bachelorettes, however – he said he hadn’t “meant it” when he had referred to them as a “two for one special” and joked about the possibility of having a threesome.

What he regretted most was what he had said after bachelor George had revealed to Glenn and a number of the other men that he was bisexual.

When George had made his revelation Glenn had responded by saying he had thought as much because he’d got a certain “vibe” from George. When the other men challenged Glenn on how he could have possibly got that vibe, he talked about some men being “less masculine” than others.

“I regret trying to explain male and female energy,” he said this morning.

“George and I were really tight,” he said.

Glenn revealed he was “gutted” about the way he had handled George’s coming out to the other men and hoped that it hadn’t jeopardised their friendship.

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Clint Randell said he felt it was hypocritical of the bachelorettes to accuse Glenn of playing the field when they were trying to get to know 20 guys and Glenn agreed, saying “especially when I am 28, and right in the middle of both their ages” – suggesting he could have been compatible with either woman.

Glenn admitted that he could accurately be described as socially awkward.

“I definitely had to go away and recharge my social batteries to bring energy and passion to my interactions,” he said of his time in the mansion.

Mole Daryl has previously described Glenn as “a good guy” who is a bit “socially awkward”.

Glenn said he had been blindsided by Daryl’s involvement in the girls’ decision, saying that he thought they had “got on really well”.

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