The throwaway comments that have had us in fits on Celebrity Treasure Island

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It’s only the end of week two of Celebrity Treasure Island – the reality TV series that sees Kiwi celebs thrown together on an island to compete against each other to find a prize of hidden treasure for their chosen charity – and we’re already seeing the show’s characters in some very different lights.

We’ve witnessed the rapid rise and fall of TV weatherman Sam Wallace, as well as how miserable celebrities look when they’re hungry.

Barbara Kendall has proven herself every bit worthy of her Olympian champion status and The Bachelor‘s Lily McManus is the boss when it comes to tricking men into doing stupid things.

Kiwi actor Jodie Rimmer does a convincing fake vomit and Olympian pairs rower Eric Murray is still learning that there’s no ‘I’ in team.

But it’s the throwaway comments that are keeping us in fits of laughter. Here are our favourites from week two of CTI.

On reflection

“It’s been a terrible reign.”

Sam Wallace of his unremarkable few days as Kahu’s captain.

During his time at the helm he lost every player he put up in an elimination challenge and also fell foul of the team majority, the girls. Jodie Rimmer and Shannon Ryan soon knocked him off his perch by throwing a face-off challenge so that a new captain would have to be voted in.

When victory is bittersweet

“I don’t know what we’re going to do with a hammock, we can’t eat it.”

Gary Freeman, clearly disappointed with a prize of champagne and comfy furniture when team Mako finally wins its first face-off.

While Mako has had only rice and dahl to eat since washing up on the island team Kahu hasn’t stopped eating, feasting on barbecued meat, fresh fruit, home-made bread and a wide selection of breakfast cereals and condiments – the spoils of their face-off wins.

Not hopeful

“I think we probably got more chance of catching syphilis.”

Former boxing champion Shane Cameron hedging his bets when a starving team Mako decides to try and catch a fish.

Crisis of confidence

“Do you guys not like the pauses?”

Co-host Matt Chisholm stepping out of character to check his form with team Kahu after Lily yawns when he delivers an instruction with perfect TV host intonation.

Straight up

“I don’t think you’re good at anything so I don’t think she’d put you up for anything.”

Lily McManus telling it like it is when Sam wonders aloud if team captain Shannon will put him up for the next elimination challenge.

Bigger problems

“It’s starting to rain and my hair is already dealing with enough.”

Co-host Bree Tomasel to a starving team Kahu when the weather packs up.

Seeing the light

“Shannon is the new Barbs.”

Sam Wallace attributes god-like status to capable new Kahu captain Shannon (and also looks quietly relieved that the burden of leadership no longer falls on him.)

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