Sam Wallace and Eric Murray bare all on Celebrity Treasure Island

''I'm never getting this off my retinas!''

They're two of the more divisive competitors on this season of Celebrity Treasure Island, but on Tuesday night's episode viewers got to see a whole new side of weatherman Sam Wallace and Olympic rower Eric Murray.
Spotting the boys were going a little stir crazy, maybe even sensing weakness, Lily McManus took it upon herself to hold the first Celebrity Treasure Island "Next Top Model" coconut bikini competition.
Little did she know what she had gotten herself and the viewers in for.
Sam started out particularly confident, boasting, "I reckon I'll look sexy in a coconut bikini!
That might have more to do with the 13 weeks he spent in the gym buffing up for the show rather than his prowess as a seamstress, because he soon cried out, "I've put one of my titties round the wrong way!"
We've all been there Sam.
Lily's had a great idea, or has she? Supplied
While they waited for Eric and Sam to make the final touches to their masterpieces, the women of team Kahu plotted an overthrow of Sam's leadership.
Perhaps they could sense the horror show he was about to inflict upon them.
"Isn't that ironic," smirked Ladi 6 to the camera "They're doing a coconut bra thing and we're organising a coup."
Unfortunately, not even the threat of mutiny could delay the show any longer; it was time for Eric and Sam to strut their stuff down the sandy runway.
And what a lot of stuff there was to strut.
Turns out the boys were wearing only their coconut bikinis and a handful of comically large leaves.
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As co-host Bree Tomasel succinctly put it, "I'm never getting this off my retinas!"
Realising she'd copped an eyeful of more than she'd bargained for Shannon Ryan asked the question on everyone's mind, "But why did they get naked?"
As it became apparent they weren't receiving the reaction they'd hoped for Eric and Sam retreated to make themselves decent. It was too little too late for Kiwi actress Jodie Rimmer who deadpanned, "Is health and safety here? I think I need a counsellor."
But not everyone was so negative. Mastermind of the whole event Lily was transfixed with her creation and offered Sam the encouragement every aspiring male entertainer wants to hear: "The spray-tan line is perfect!"
As entertaining as the whole endeavour was, there could only be one winner on the day and Shannon got to bestow that honour: "The real winner is Lily for convincing you guys to pull this off."