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Francesa Bridgerton may not be the diamond of season three part one, but she has stolen the attention of Bridgerton fans following the season three trailer.

The sixth Bridgerton sibling, daughter to Violet and Edmund, blended into the background of the initial two seasons. But in season three, fans will watch this young girl take her first steps into society as a woman.

Francesca’s will look for a husband in Bridgerton season three.

Francesca’s storyline isn’t as simple as locking eyes with a strange man across the room and falling in love – but rather she will face many ups and downs which we will begin to explore in Bridgerton season three.

Fortunately, we aren’t patient enough to sit around, waiting for Netflix and Shonda Rhimes to air Francesca’s season.

Who does Francesca Bridgerton marry?

Francesca doesn’t have quite the luck in love gene like her siblings considering she marries twice.

Francesca marries twice in Julia Quinn’s books.

She first marries John Stirling, the Earl of Kilmartin, who unexpectedly dies. Her second marriage was to John’s cousin, Michael Stirling, who had secretly harbored feelings for Francesca from the moment they met.

After John’s death, Michael runs away to India for four years. Upon his return, he collides straight into Francesca. Their story involves jealousy, marriage of convenience, and very steamy encounters.   

Who plays John Stirling?

Francesca’s first husband, John Stirling is played by British actor Victor Alli – his biggest role to date. The newcomer has made appearances in Death on the Nile, Andor, Belfast, Gangs of London and The Man Who Fell to Earth.

In an interview with Deadline, Victor revealed he was cast in August 2022 and initially had no idea who he was auditioning for. For years, he kept the role a secret from friends and family. But now, Victor shares his hard work – building the foundation of Francesca and John’s love story – with the world.

“I think we quickly realized that John and Francesca are quite odd,” he told the publication regarding Bridgerton season three, part one. “We’ve got to explore the different ways in which connections can be made without ripping each other’s clothes off.”

But for the second, Victor assured the pair will “come out of their shells a bit” as they “fight” for their love.

“He has no choice but to be more bold and declare his love. So we really go on a journey of not speaking and being content with that, then having to speak a lot more — more than what is probably natural for us,” he said.

Does Francesca Bridgerton have a baby?

Francesca did not have a baby in her first marriage to John, after experiencing a miscarriage following his death. She did, however, have two children with Michael, named John and Janet.

Why did they replace Francesca Bridgerton?

While Francesca made irregular appearances in the first and second season of Bridgerton, the change in actress was noticeable enough it had each fan wondering why she was replaced.

Francesca Bridgerton (right) prior to her season three replacement.

The characters original actress, Ruby Stokes disappeared mid-season two due to conflicting commitments with another show. Ruby was the lead in the supernatural mystery Lockwood & Co as Lucy Carlyle.

In her stead, is British actor Hannah Dodd, 28.

When will Francesca’s season air?

Unfortunately, there have been no details regarding when Francesca’s spicy Bridgerton season will air. However, her love story was the main storyline in the sixth book by Julia Quinn, When He Was Wicked.

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