Every couple who’s left Married At First Sight Australia 2023

Some matches just weren't right.

Married At First Sight Australia 2023 has been a whirlwind of a season and while some contestants are just purely mismatched, other contestants have joined in the hopes to escape their past.

Although the reality dating television series is known for its curse, aka rarely perfectly matching a couple besides the Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant or Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli.

Josh was heartbroken. (Image: Nine)

But this season, the relationship experts have been very upfront about who they have incorrectly matched and who they simply cannot watch go through anymore torture.

Thirteen episodes into Season 10, expert John Aiken offered not one but two people stuck in a emotionally torturous relationship an exception and leave the experiment despite their partner’s answers.

An offer that has never been provided before, all in the same episode.

Josh and Melissa

During the commitment ceremony, Josh was reduced to tears after listening to his wife, Melissa question his manhood as she believed he had an issue with physical intimacy and was “the alpha” in the relationship.

Meanwhile, he believed all Melissa cared about was sex and made him feel like a “sex toy” and allegedly tried to “control” him, including limiting his time on his mobile phone, when he can read his books and when he can go out.

After walking out, Josh collected himself – with the support of the MAFS husbands – and confirmed to the experts he wanted to leave the experiment.

Shannon and Caitlin

“You don’t deserve me.” (Image: Nine)

Next up in the contestants to leave is Caitlin, after her husband Shannon revealed that she was “attractive, just not in [his] eyes.”

The experts gave Shannon an opportunity to reveal how he would mend the relationship, but after giving very vague answers with no action. John left it in completely in Caitlin’s hands.

“I deserve to be respected; I deserve to feel wanted; I deserve to be treated like a human being. You don’t deserve me,” she said.

“I came in here really hoping to meet someone who I could love and who could love me… I deserve that chance, but this man does not deserve me.”

After voicing her decision to leave MAFS 2023, everyone applauded her and Shannon walked out without saying goodbye to his fellow contestants.

Janelle and Adam

Janelle and Adam didn’t survive the experiment after a cheating scandal erupted. (Image: Nine)

These two started with a bang and ended with a terrible cheating scandal.

Although Adam and Claire initially denied the allegations, Claire couldn’t keep the kiss a secret any longer. However, he didn’t seem ’empathetic’ for his wife but rather shifted the blame.

“There’s a lot of stuff that happened with me and Janelle at the start of our relationship that none of yous know about. Things had happened on our honeymoon, things had been said,” he said before saying the pair had been in a “bad place” at the time of the kiss.

“It wasn’t a real relationship, the last two weeks has been a real relationship.”

Janelle was heartbroken by the lack of an apology from her husband. Prior to admitting she wanted to leave during the commitment ceremony, Adam further commented his “voice didn’t get heard at all” and didn’t have the opportunity to talk to Janelle the night of the dinner party. In which the judges weren’t impressed.

Adam stormed out of the experiment without saying goodbye.

Sandy and Dan

They both decided to leave the experiment. (Image: Nine)

After Evelyn informed her fellow MAFS bride, Sandy that Dan had been showing the other grooms images of his ex-girlfriend and that “he was too good for this experiment,” it was the final straw.

But there were other signs of issues within the relationship, Dan previously admitted he wasn’t sexually attracted to his wife and was growing more distant despite being intimate with each other the morning after the statement!

During their final commitment ceremony, Dan revealed he thought they were building a friendship rather than a romantic relationship.

“The beach and the ocean’s calling me, I have to go home,” he said.

Meanwhile Sandy, who also voted to leave the experiment and wants to apologise to her family.

Tayla and Hugo

Tayla and Hugo couldn’t make it to the commitment ceremony. (Image: Nine)

Honestly, we didn’t have a lot of faith these two would survive the experiment. From the very beginning they butted heads and Tayla even admitted Hugo wasn’t her type.

But things only got worse after Evelyn informed Tayla about the accidental butt-dial where she overheard Hugo say some inappropriate comments about his wife. Despite Tayla eventually accepting Hugo’s apology, she remained closed off.

During the couples retreat, Hugo overheard Tayla talking about how her ex contacted her for ‘phone sex’ and when he brought up the issue, she immediately shut it down.

“He’s so pathetic. He’s lying,” she told the camera crew.

Tayla then ran off to Tasmania without her husbands knowledge and returned at the end of the dinner party. While explaining that she is choosing “not to grill” him, Hugo revealed he could no longer stay in the experiment. The pair told their fellow brides and grooms the dinner party would be their final night in the experiment.

Claire and Jesse

Claire and Jesse have left the experiment. (Image: Nine)

Claire and Jesse have had one of the most turbulent couples on MAFS 2023. Following her cheating scandal with Adam, Claire tried to heal her relationship with Jesse and for a short time they were connecting!

But it all came crashing down after Harrison took aim at their relationship and ultimately hit a vulnerable spot for Jesse.

“Claire cheated on me,” he said. “Harrison’s comment really brought back a lot of things that I had been pushing to the side about trust.”

Jesse couldn’t stop believing that Claire only stayed in the experiment to repair her image.

“I know that I wear full responsibility for what I did but I did not stick around for my image, I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of me,” Claire said.

The pair both made the decision to leave the experiment.

Bronte and Harrison

The home stay was the final straw for Bronte and Harrison. (Image: Nine)

It is safe to say Bronte and Harrison walked through hell and back while participating in this experiment, and the young bride has put her foot down.

While there was a lot of warning signs this relationship wasn’t meant to be, for Bronte the final marker was during the home stay where her younger sister labelled Harrison as “narcassistic” and a “coward”.

And during the last dinner party before the final vows, the ‘honesty box’ challenge was where everything was revealed.

“I don’t believe that it was genuine for you. I believe you just wanted to get through this to save your image and I was your little pawn in your game. And I saw that at home stays, my sister called you out completely and you didn’t like it,” Bronte said. “The way that you honestly think that everyone else is the problem.”

Harrison responded: “Don’t tell me what I think Bronte.”

The young bride, feeling pushed to her limits, walked out claiming “I never want to see [Harrison] again.”

However, given this couple have said in the past that they were officially done with the experiment, they have returned. Only time will tell if Bronte stays true to her word.

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