Dancing with the Stars Week 4: Sunday

Simon Barnett takes the lead as the celebs dance to a Winter Wonderland theme
Dancing with the Stars Week 4: Sunday

Simon also took to the dancefloor first with partner Vanessa Cole, impressing the judges with a stately foxtrot to the wintry classic ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’. The radio host has been a solid contender for the past few weeks and managed to secure the top spot on the scoreboard after his performance on Sunday, earning a total of 27 points.

Sadly, last week’s frontrunner Teuila Blakely didn’t fare so well with the judges after dancing a ‘hip-hop-infused cha-cha’ with partner Scott Cole. While the duo looked to be having plenty of fun on the dancefloor, the judges iced them out with a score of just 13.

Meanwhile, Chrystal Chenery and Siobhan Marshall tied for second place thanks to their graceful waltzes, and Shane Cameron wowed with his fast and furious quickstep to a jazzed-up version of ‘Umbrella’.

Pam Corkery danced her way to her highest score yet, earning 17 points for her tango to ‘Here Comes the Rain Again’, while Ben Barrington received 14 points for his rumba.

Radio jost Jay-Jay Harvey was looking to redeem herself after last week’s unfortunate fall, and while her tango wasn’t perfect the judges gave her an improved score of 21.

Fourth week scores:

  1. Simon Barnett & Vanessa Cole (27)

  2. Siobhan Marshall & Charlie Billington, tied with Chrystal Chenery & Jonny Williams (25)

  3. Shane Cameron & Nerida Cortese, tied with Jay-Jay Harvey and Enrique Johns (21)

  4. Pam Corkery & Matt Tatton-Brown (17)

  5. Ben Barrington & Krystal Stuart (14)

  6. Teuila Blakely & Scott Cole (13)

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