Dancing with the Stars Week 2: Sunday

Simon Barnett ties with Siobhan Marshall at the top of the leaderboard
Simon Barnett, Vanessa Cole

It’s the second week of competition on Dancing with the Stars, but the pressure is already getting to the celebrities.

Radio host Jay-Jay Harvey kicked off Sunday’s episode with a quick and cheerful quickstep to ‘Walking on Sunshine’, but her nerves about following up last week’s second place finish may have translated onto the dancefloor! The judges said the dance wasn’t as “light and bright” as they would have liked.

Chrystal Chenery and Jonny Williams

Next up, Chrystal Chenery and Jonny Williams danced an elegant waltz to ‘Skyfall’, with the duo pulling off a impressively tricky lift as the showstopping finale.

They were followed up by actor Ben Barrington and his partner Krystal Stewart, who danced the samba to Livin La Vida Loca, despite both being injured! While they got through it with no mishaps, the judges weren’t wowed and the two are currently tied at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Another unlucky injured dancer this week was Simon Barnett, who danced a fiery tango with partner Vanessa Cole despite dislocating a knee during the performance! The pain didn’t stop him from delivering what the judges wanted to see, and they were rewarded with a score of 24.

Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Kristie Williams

Shane Cameron and Nerida Cortese improved on last week’s score with their waltz to ‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’, while Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Kristie Williams also impressed with their smooth foxtrot.

Surfer Maz Quinn and his partner Caryn Lim failed to make much of an impact with their cha-cha, although judge Stefano commended Maz for trying. Pam Corkery and Matt Tatton-Brown’s rumba didn’t do much better, but Teuila Blakely scored high for her foxtrot with partner Scott Cole.

Meanwhile, Siobhan Marshall and pro Charlie Billington continued their winning streak with a tango that saw them tying with Simon and Vanessa for highest score this week.

**Second week scores:

1. Simon Barnett & Vanessa Cole, tied with Siobhan Marshall & Charlie Billington (24)**

  1. Teuila Blakely & Scott Cole, tied with Colin Mathura-Jeffree & Kristie Williams (21)

  2. Shane Cameron & Nerida Cortese, tied with Chrystal Chenery & Jonny Williams (19) 

  3. Jay-Jay Harvey & Enrique Johns **(15)

8. Pam Corkery & Matt Tatton-Brown (14)

9. Maz Quinn & Caryn Lim, tied with Ben Barrington & Krystal Stewart (13)**

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