Former dancer Carol-Ann Hanna predicts who will win Dancing With The Stars

Sunday's final is going to be a show-stopper!

By Carol-Ann Hanna
This week was semi-final week and there certainly were some epic performances. Each couple danced two dances and this was a tall order for the exhausted and injured dancers - even more so, given the extremely high level of competition.
William once again produced a solid performance in both of his dances. The argentine tango proved slightly out of his comfort zone as he dug deep for a romantic connection with his dance partner Amelia. It is difficult to appear intimate with someone who, as he put it, felt like a little sister to him.
The argentine tango originated on the streets on Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevido in Uruguay and was danced by immigrants and slaves. It was originally banned by the church because it was viewed as the music of the "immoral" factions of society! There are a number of differences between this tango and a ballroom tango. The argentine tango has a close hold, a low center of gravity and the movement is almost cat-like with a staccato feel.
Laura and Shae scored three 10s with their paso doble.
My favourite this week was Laura's paso doble. This was absolutely outstanding and totally worthy of three 10s.
Shae must be having so much fun with Laura; she has really picked up dancing and he has been able to bring out some tricky choreography. He is almost dancing at "Shae full steam" and she is definitely keeping up with him.
Manu has shown his softer side on DWTS.
I really loved hearing Manu talk about being in the bottom two last week with Glen and how he felt. He shared that while he appeared tough when playing rugby league, on the inside he's actually quite soft and we have seen a bit of this over the past nine weeks.
I related very much to what he said about snapping his achilles [tendon] and how he had thought he would make a return to playing league. The mind says you can still play but your body says no. When I watch the show or judge a competition I feel exactly the same. I have retired due to injury, and that is something so frustrating. Maybe he will take up competitive ballroom dancing!
Randell and Brittany performed a waltz as well as a very sexy cha cha cha.
Randell's waltz was stunning, so musical and romantic. I think he should be nervous about that tattoo (Randell has been dared by his The Edge radio co-hosts to get a tattoo of a glitter ball if he wins). He may well live to regret that.
Other winners have had tattoos done in the past, but never the glitter ball. A few seasons ago Suzanne Paul and her partner Stefano were tattooed with matching stars.
The blindfold was genius but not enough to save Nadia Lim from elimination.
It was sad to say goodbye to Nadia but the competition is very strong and I know she has been working incredibly hard - no sleep and she has been sick and there were two dances to produce - but the same went for everyone.
It's really gruelling at this stage and a mind blank is not uncommon; this would have uneased her. It is emotional to get eliminated at this stage of the competition, when they were just about there, but the judges and the votes determined the four finalists and I'm really looking forward to next week!