The Bachelorette NZ: Lesina dumps Logan… so does that mean Aaron gets the final rose?

In a crushing blow Lesina told Logan Carr she didn't feel any chemistry with him.
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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about The Bachelorette NZ’s Lesina Nakhid-Schuster, it’s that she doesn’t play by the reality TV dating show rule book.

While she’s gone along with the dates and the cocktail parties and the weekly rose ceremonies, the Auckland-based doctor has increasingly made it clear that if she doesn’t find her Mr Forever she has no problem with walking away from the show on her own.

On Sunday night’s episode she shocked viewers by sending home one of her two final contenders, Logan Carr.

That leaves only one man standing – Hamilton school teacher Aaron McNabb – but if you think that guarantees him the final rose… more on that later.

Logan, a French-speaking travel agent who likes to play the guitar, had been a front runner for Lesina because he was attentive and romantic and a little bit dorky. Lesina didn’t think he was as adventurous as he thought he was, but she still liked him a lot.

When Lesina took Logan home to meet her family he won over her formidable mother.

He also impressed on he and Lesina’s final date – giving paddle boarding a good go when he was out of his comfort zone.

But after the paddle boarding and a very romantic dinner (where Lesina even said to camera, “My conversation with Logan, it just flows and it’s about interesting things and we talk about things that you talk about with someone who you’ve known for ages”) Lesina told him… she wasn’t feeling any chemistry.

“I really can’t fault you as a person,” she said. “You’d be the best boyfriend…

“I’m honoured you found that chemistry with me,” she continued. “I hoped that chemistry would come but that was something that was missing with us and I was hoping it would come.”

Lesina liked Logan’s singing but not enough to want to make duets with him.

“It’s fine,” Logan said.

He was even gracious enough to add, “I completely get that you wanting to feel for me is different to you actually feeling for me. I’m always going to be really thankful that I met you.”

But it was obvious he hadn’t seen it coming and he would have walked away from that break-up feeling dejected.

Now Aaron McNabb is Lesina’s only remaining love interest but if you think that guarantees him the final rose… Lesina had not seemed too sure about him either.

When Lesina had taken him home to meet her family they had seemed almost hostile with him. And that was even before he offended Lesina’s mother by making a racist slur. (He said he’d probably be a better dancer if he had a Caribbean heritage.)

During their final date Lesina said she was confused and “just didn’t know what to do”.

“How would we get along outside the bubble?” she asked Aaron. “I know you said we’re at similar life stages and it’s up to me to believe you.”

The couple did go on to spend the night together but to camera and out of Aaron’s earshot Lesina said she still had a lot more thinking to do.

Earlier this month Lesina revealed on social media that her storyline “didn’t exactly go the way everyone wanted it to.

“I really wasn’t prepared to face what ‘going against the grain’ looks like,” she said.

Internet sleuths have put their bets on Lesina leaving the show with no one.

And in less than 24 hours we will know if they were right.

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