The Bachelorette NZ: Has Lesina just let the cat out of the bag about how the show ends?

''My storyline didn't exactly go the way everyone wanted it to. I really wasn't prepared to face what 'going against the grain' looks like,'' Lesina has said.
Lesina Nakhid-Schuster The Bachelorette NZ

This story contains spoilers!

It’s been a tough week for The Bachelorette NZ’s Lesina Nakhid-Schuster.

After effectively being walked out on by bachelor Michael Frood and then questioned on her intentions by Mike Bullot on Monday night’s show, the 32-year-old Auckland doctor has received an outpouring of support from her fans on social media.

But in taking to Instagram to thank them, has she inadvertently let the cat out of the bag?

In a message shared on Instagram today Lesina told her fans that their messages of support had “honestly wanted to make me cry” – even though she wasn’t sure which episode they were referring to because she’s working in Australia and has not been watching the show.

“But I guess it’s just the support and understanding that you’ve all shown even when times get tough,” she went on to say.

“If you’ve really watched closely or you’ve been following me for a while, or you just straight out know me haha then you know I came in to this with the very best intentions (hellooooo I wanted a partner, only so many dinners for one I could make badly lol).

“And right now in the show I was really struggling with holding on to hope and losing hope all at the same time. I remember someone telling me at the time that I had lost my spark- which hurt, but was also the truth.”

So she admits she was losing hope – and then she reveals this, which possibly says more than she ever intended:

“But I understand the hard edit I’m going to have to face coming up because my storyline didn’t exactly go the way everyone wanted it to.”

“I really wasn’t prepared to face what “going against the grain” looks like.”

Internet sleuths have already figured out how they think the show ends.

Hardcore fans from have narrowed it down to Richie Boyens or Quinn Ryan for Bachelorette Two Lily McManus, with Richie being the hot favourite.

They’ve based their deductions on the fact that both Richie and Lily have shared photos to Instagram from the same sunflower field; a recent Instagram story of Lily shows her wearing a large ring and Richie reportedly designs large rings; And Lily was found to be following “pretty much Richie’s entire extended family” on Instagram.

Some viewers felt Lesina didn’t give Kurt a fair chance on the show. Has he had one since leaving?

Lesina they found more difficult to predict an outcome for, with the most popular deduction being that Lesina walks away with no one and instead reconnects with Kurt Johnston, who was eliminated before the group went to Argentina.

This theory is based on the fact that Lesina has been sharing Instagram updates revealing that her and Kurt have been hanging out. Kurt works at Auckland airport, where Lesina often passes through in her work as a locum doctor.

A private Facebook page set up for Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, The Bachelor/Bachelorette NZ AU (NZ Watchers) has come to similar conclusions, with many predicting that Lesina leaves the show without a partner.

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Lesina finishes her Instagram post by saying, “You all have made it so much easier to be happy with my decisions, knowing in my gut, that they were the right ones.

“The road less travelled is always the hardest after all.

“(No spoilers yet though, anything can happen, still a looong way to go),” she adds.

“But I want everyone to know that I truly had an amazing time and an incredible journey regardless of what it’s going to look like from here on out.”

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