Aussie Bachelor Matt Agnew’s embarrassing kissing confession

Matt took his preparation for the TV role very seriously.
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When you’re a complete unknown about to be thrust into the spotlight, there are bound to be plenty of nerves. And questions. ‘What will people think of me?’ ‘How will I look on screen?’ ‘Will they get my humour?’ ‘Does my bum look big in this suit?’

When you’re the new Australian Bachelor however, there’s plenty more to consider. But how you’ll look kissing on screen? That was of primary concern to Matt Agnew.

“I did have recommendations from people to YouTube how do to do an on-screen kiss,” he confessed to TV WEEK. “I’m not ashamed to say I did look into that, just to make sure…”

Given what we saw in the first show, he’s had plenty of practice since then. Because in the obligatory sneak-peek of what’s to come this season, Matt is filmed in plenty of steamy embraces – including a movie-worthy beach frolic.

Just a few of the steamy embraces Matt was involved in this season.

Kissing aside, the rest, Matt says, he felt comfortable with. “I didn’t really do any prep work,” he says.

“I just thought, have as thick a skin as I can afterwards, be myself, and have fun,” he admits. “I haven’t had a problem talking to people in the past, so I didn’t foresee that. Just have fun with it!”

And fun with it he had.

Matt says his friends and family were initially concerned when they found out he’d applied for the show. “I’m pretty extroverted, but it was still a massive surprise to everyone that I’d do something as out there as this.”

His parents, especially, were “very cautious,” at first. “You’re going from a very private life to a very public, very open and exposed life. I guess their concerns were that there’s a lot of scrutiny, a lot of trolling that could come out of this.”

“After their initial reservations, they looked into the show a bit more and found out about the successful relationships – and babies! – that have come from it and then they got really excited.”

As for his colleagues, “Doing a reality TV show is not the norm for someone who works in academia,” he says, “but everyone is being really supportive – even if my colleagues aren’t typical fans of The Bachelor!”

All eyes are on Matt as he navigates the difficulties of dating multiple women at once.

Matt is a very different type of Bachelor to the ones who came before him. The 31-year-old has spent a life behind books, completing a double degree in science and engineering, and a masters in astrophysics, as he prepares to become a doctor. As a result, he’s been called a “hot nerd” by the public – a label he doesn’t believe in or support.

“I’ve never been shy – I’ve always been loud and gregarious,” he told TV WEEK. “I think people like putting people in boxes – and ‘nerd’ is an easy box to put someone in who’s smart or wears glasses.”

Still, his eyewear – or lack thereof – has become a talking point since the show began airing.

Fans have been quick to point out Matt’s amazing makeover from the man who was unveiled in the first promotional images to the man we see on screen now.

The Matt we saw in the first promotional images looks very different to the Matt who was presented later on.

Matt has laughed off reports of any cosmetic enhancement. “There was just nonsense about fake glasses and nose reconstruction,” he says. “There was something about my ears I think I read somewhere as well. But it’s just surprising things that somehow are getting leaked… it’s a bit strange.”

Makeover or not, the girls in the mansion are falling all over themselves to get his attention. Being himself has clearly paid off. As has the YouTube kissing lessons. Because out of all the girls he got to kiss on screen in his pursuit of love (poor guy), Matt reveals he’s found “The One.”

“I’m in love,” he tells TV WEEK. “I would be hard-pressed to say I’ve been this happy before – this is me at my happiest.”

So happy, in fact, he’s already talking kids with his lucky lady.

“I’m at a point in my life where I feel I’ve got a place to live, I’ve got a successful career, I’ve got a lot of things in the right place for me,” he says.

“It’s the right time. I’m really excited to start that next chapter, which is marriage, kids, starting a family.”

The Bachelor Australia airs Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:30pm on Bravo.

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