Art Green on The Bachelor NZ: Week 5

Find out what New Zealand's first ever Bachelor thought of this week’s episodes!
Art Green, Bachelor NZ

New Zealand’s first ever Bachelor Arthur Green found love on his season of the reality show, and now, the 27-year-old and his gorgeous gal Matilda Rice are sitting back and watching Jordan Mauger’s search for true love on season two.

With his unique love story unfolding in front of the cameras last year, the Paleo hunk has more insight than anyone into Jordan’s tumultuous journey to find Ms Right. So, we asked him the hard questions about this week’s episodes!

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Highlights and low lights

Highlight: The genuine emotion that is starting to come out, particularly from Storm.

Low light: Shari left, meaning there will be no more good dad jokes.

Rose rating: Four roses. This week The Bachelor seems to have finally got a little less boring. It’s starting to feel more real and real emotions are starting to surface.

Looking forward to seeing relationships between Jordan and some of the women develop; and also see some of the stronger personalities clash…

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