Art Green on The Bachelor NZ: Week 4

Find out what New Zealand's first ever Bachelor thought of this week’s latest episodes!
Art Green, Bachelor NZ

New Zealand’s first ever Bachelor Arthur Green found love on his season of the reality show, and now, the 27-year-old and his gorgeous gal Matilda Rice are sitting back and watching Jordan Mauger’s search for true love on season two.

With his unique love story unfolding in front of the cameras last year, the Paleo hunk has more insight than anyone into Jordan’s tumultuous journey to find Ms Right. So, we asked him the hard questions about this week’s episodes!

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Highlights and low lights

Highlight: Lara telling Jordan than she felt no chemistry between them when he no-rosed her. Great to hear her honesty.

Low light: When Nicole decided to leave the show. Unsure what the reason is, but I’m sure it must have been a tough situation for her.

Rose rating:

Three roses. I thought the date with Fleur was really cool, and we got to see some honesty and realness from people that we hadn’t seen before. Also, quite interesting and good in my opinion that Jordan denied Naz’s request for a kiss as the timing was not right. Good on her for giving it a crack though – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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