The Block NZ’s Andy and Nate on what the win means to their families

The brothers-in-law talk to Challenge Host Shelley Ferguson about the sacrifices they made to be on the show.
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They worked solidly for 12 weeks on The Block NZ and came out with $131,000 in profit and prize money. But for Andy Murdie and Nate Ross it has all been for their families.

“It’s just good that we got to bring something home so it wasn’t all for nothing,” said Nate, 33.

It’s a bittersweet win for the Andy and Nate after Stace and Yanita originally looked set to take out the overall prize before Andy and Nate’s house was controversially re-auctioned.

Nate and wife Serena.

“When we came out and we thought we won nothing we saw [our wives] in the front row and they were both in tears,” added Andy, 38.

Nate, a building apprentice, and Andy, a firefighter, gave up their jobs for three months and maxed out their credit cards to take part in the show.

“It’s been pretty tough for everyone involved… We’re stoked we’ve come away with the win but… we’re just feeling bad for the other teams,” said Andy.

For these hands-on family men the biggest challenge on the show was being separated from their wives and kids.

On auction night they said their children were quite confused about what was happening when their house initially failed to meet its reserve.

“That was pretty heart-breaking when it didn’t sell and they were asking the grandparents ‘what’s happening?’,” said Andy.

Andy and his wife Caroline.

The Block NZ 2017 teams on auction night.

The brothers-in-law’s advice for any future Block NZ contestants was to make sure they stick to their budget.

Andy and Nate are looking forward to relaxing with their families now that the season is over and are even planning a big trip to Japan for Andy’s 40th.

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