5 best moments from The Bachelor NZ finale

We look back at some of our favourite moments from the finale of The Bachelor NZ
Art Green

We’re looking back at some of our favourite moments from The Bachelor NZ finale, where 24-year-old Matilda Rice won Art’s heart at last.

In an episode filled with drama, tension and plenty of romance, read on to relive all the highlights from the episode – from the Bachelorettes meeting Art’s family to Matilda’s awkward koala encounter!

Michael Hill helps Arthur choose a ring

The final Bachelorette received more than just the last rose! Art also picked out some pretty impressive bling, with help from jeweller Michael Hill, to make their fairytale moment even sweeter.

“It’s almost classic, but quite quirky,” Art said of the 3ct diamond sparkler he chose.

Happy Jay the koala

Poor Matilda! Her earlier one-on-one date was hijacked by an exhibitionist cat, and her final date before the rose ceremony was spoiled by a farting koala named Happy Jay. The koala even left a little present in Matilda’s belly button – not the most romantic of moments!

Dani meets Art’s mum

Art’s mum Cate wasn’t afraid to grill the girls when he finally brought them home! Both Dani and Matilda handled it well, but even Dani seemed surprised at how much she revealed during her chat with Cate – she admitted for the first time that she was in love with Art!

Dani confesses her feelings to Arthur

After spilling the beans to Cate first, Dani eventually told Art she loved him during their last date.

“You have made me the happiest girl in the world and I’ve never felt this way about anyone,” she shared during their romantic dinner. “I would have regretted not telling you.”

Art chooses Matilda

Arthur and Matilda’s connection was apparent right from the start when he gave her the very first rose of the show. Last night, it all came full circle when he gave her the final rose too, after saying goodbye to a heartbroken Dani.

“It’s always been you,” he told the 24-year-old media sales exec. Now New Zealand knows it too!

The Bachelor NZ returns on Tuesday at 7.30PM with an ‘After The Rose Special’.

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