10 juicy secrets from The Bachelor NZ

We went behind the scenes to get the goss!

Now that your favourite NZ reality shows have wrapped up, here’s a few things you might not know!

1. Shivani’s dating Paul!

Auckland chef Paul Patterson may have left The Bachelorette NZ without the love of Lexie Brown, but he did score a guest appearance on The Bachelor NZ, helping the girls cook on a group date.

Afterwards, he shared a flight home with eliminated contestant Shivani Pragji – and sparks flew. They’ve since been spotted on a date near his home on Waiheke Island. The samba-dancing lawyer dropped a big hint in a pre-premiere interview with Woman’s Day, telling us Paul was her celebrity crush, alongside Brad Pitt. “I love a man who can cook!” she explained.

2. Rose Ceremony Revelations

It may seem significant who gets the first and last roses, but while Moses did choose who went home each episode, the order of the rose ceremony was decided by the production team.

Are Shivani and Paul a love match?

3. Romantic history

New Zealand is a small country and the production crew were very aware that some of the cast already knew each other before filming. Woman’s Day has heard whispers that Bachelor youngster Devaney Davis shares a passionate past with Bachelorette hopeful and Heartbreak Island contestant Alexandre Vaz.

4. Art played counsellor

Having been in Moses’ shoes as The Bachelor’s leading man, host Art Green helped the opera star with his decision- making, guiding him through the process. “Moses might have made some very different choices if it wasn’t for Art,” an insider tells us. “The final three could have completely changed.”

5. Secret dates

Contestants are allowed to date while the show is on air, however, they have to keep their romances top secret. But some naughty Bachelorettes didn’t keep their new loves completely hush-hush. We hear Samantha McKenzie and Lana Ennis both have boyfriends.

6. Silence is golden

On Tuesday night’s Bachelorette & Bachelor NZ After Party, there’s a fun pool party complete with cocktails and inflatable toys – but no music! The production crew was recording audio, so the specially selected cast members (only the most interesting were invited!) had to talk the whole time.

7. Moses still talks to his exes

He may have given his final rose to bartender Annie Theise, but the Sol3 Mio singer is still in close contact with some of his “exes”, including runner-up Shenae Connelly, tattooed cop Negin Shademan and poor friend-zoned Lou Kures. (We hear The Bachelorette’s Lexie also spends a lot of time talking to her exes about her relationship with Hamish Boyt!)

8. VIP treatment

Moses and Lexie both had their own personal producers who they worked with throughout the series to ensure they got the outcomes they wanted. “Those producers saw everything – the good, the bad and the ugly!” we’re told

9. Costume dramas

Admire the gowns the girls wore for cocktail parties? They were all hired from Bridal Brilliance. But the rest of the clothing worn on the show was their own, with a stylist helping to ensure there were no wardrobe disasters.

10. The crew were cock-blocking!

During the one-on-one dates, all interactions between hunky baritone Moses and his Bachelorettes had to happen on camera. When filming was paused, a production person stood between them on the dates – it was officially referred to as “cock’blocking”!

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