Russell Crowe’s Rome-antic wedding

The Kiwi actor is getting married again in his favourite city
Russell Crowe and new wife BritneyImage: Getty

Russell Crowe loves Italy so much, he once said he would “use any excuse” to travel back there – so it’s no surprise that he’s chosen it as the beautiful backdrop for his wedding to fiancée Britney Theriot!

The actor, 60, and US-born Britney, 32, embraced full-on tourist mode in Rome last week. They were riding through the bustling streets on scooters ahead of his gig with his rock band, the Gentlemen Barbers.

And an insider reveals the couple were eyeing up a small church in which to say “I do” as the country holds special meaning for them both.

“Italy was always going to be their wedding destination,” a source says of the couple, who began dating in 2020. “Every time they go there, they come back more in love.

Russell Crowe and new wife Britney riding electric scooters around Rome
Russ and Britney zoom around Rome on scooters.

“It’s their favourite place to visit in the world – they love the food, the people, the romance, the history… It’s always been their dream to get married there.”

Along with filming various movies there over the years, Wellington-born Russell has come back to Italy time and again for his musical endeavours. He also visited for holidays with Charles, 20, and Tennyson, 18, his sons with ex-wife Danielle Spencer, 55.

Rumours he had proposed to Britney began while they were in Italy in February. People spotted her rocking a huge diamond sparkler.

And the nuptials will be even more special after Russell’s discovery earlier this year. He realised that he has ancestors from Italy, with his great-great-great-grandfather on his mother’s side, Luigi Ghezzi, born in the region of Marche in 1829.

Russell and Britney, standing with Russell's two sons
The actor brought sons Charles (left) and Tennyson to Italy last year.

Our insider explains, “This time, Russell has discovered why he loves Italy so much.”

Indeed, last year, when Russell performed a free concert at the steps of an ancient Roman theatre, he told the crowd Rome was “the city where my heart beats faster”.

The Gladiator actor also recalled a moment after a festival in Czechia when he and Britney headed to a nightclub and shared a special moment on the dancefloor – one they’ll likely recreate at their wedding.

“So I took her into my arms and we danced,” shared Russell. “Using the type of moves my old man would, spinning her around and bringing her back. Her eyes were sparkling with the fun of it all.

Russell holding a peace sign out of a black car window in front of the colosseum
Russell took in the sights on a break from his gigs.

“It was like a scene from my childhood. Britney used to be a cheerleader for the [NFL team] New Orleans Saints, so she’s got rhythm.

“As the song ended, I spun her back into me and we kissed. The crowd cheered and the world around us flooded back in. It was just a perfect little moment.”

Post-wedding, they’ll spend more time exploring Italy, before they make their way over to the US. There, the pair are sure to catch up with Britney’s friends and family to celebrate.

“They’ll head on a road trip-style honeymoon when Russell tours the US,” our source says. “They’re likely to keep things secret for now, but expect an announcement soon.”

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