9 of the best moments from Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding

What a beautiful wedding!
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The second royal wedding of the year, between Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank is all over, however, we’re still reveling in the stunning photos and gorgeous moments.

During their magical ceremony, there were many hilarious, heartwarming and down-right fascinating blink-and-you’ll-miss it details that you may not have seen through your happy tears.

Keep reading to find out all the best moments you completely missed the first time around!

1. Princess Charlotte took an adorable tumble

One of the highlights of any royal wedding is of course bridesmaid and pageboy veterans Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Unfortunately at the wedding Princess Charlotte had a bit of a fall on the steps of Windsor castle, but she recovered like a pro.

The three-year-old got up quickly after tripping on the steps of Windsor castle – most likely due to the gale force winds that almost blew the children away.

Another pageboy, Louis de Givenchy, also face-planted into the stairs – however was saved by Lady Louise Windsor.

WATCH: The page boys and flower girls arrive at Princess Eugenie’s wedding…

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Princess Charlotte trips up the stairs to Windsor castle.

2. Fergie’s sigh of relief

The Duchess of York took a HUGE sigh of relief as her daughter, Princess Eugenie said ‘I do’.

Like any mother of the bride, after months and months of preparation, getting to this actual point would be a huge relief, and our favourite mum, Sarah Ferguson is no exception.

See the tweet below for the mega laugh out loud moment!

3. Robbie Williams’ daughter asked the Duchess of York if she’s the Queen

After the ceremony, as Fergie and all of the bridal party made their way down the steps to wish Princess Eugenie and Jack well in the carriage, Theodora Williams, daughter of singer Robbie and wife, Ayda Field, was very confused by the mother of the bride.

“Are you the queen?” the-six-year-old bridesmaid asked, to which Fergie immediately responds, “No.”

But the pop star’s daughter was not deterred, “You’re a princess?”

“Yes,” Fergie responded.

Watch the gorgeous moment in the tweet below.

4. Gale force winds wreaked havoc

During the arrivals of the star studded guests, the blustery conditions forced a few wardrobe malfunctions.

Women were holding down their skirts, hair was flying everywhere and hats were flying off – as was the case for Robbie Williams’ mother-in-law as she walked to the ceremony.

Ayda’s mum, who was walking arm-in-arm with her famous popstar son-in-law, grabbed at her head as her summer hat flew off with onlookers grabbing it as it floated away.

Watch: The moment Mrs Field’s hat went flying!

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It was such a blustery day at Windsor, that the guests rushed inside to get out of the cool breeze.

The A-List guests were no exception!

Guests fighting with the winds!

Prince Harry’s ex, Chelsea Davy held on to her fascinator for dear life!

5. Nervous Jack Brooksbank struggled with Princess Eugenie’s wedding ring

Just like at Duchess Kate and Prince William’s wedding in 2011, Jack’s attempt at getting the wedding ring on Prince Eugenie’s finger was not smooth sailing.

The groom appeared nervous throughout the entire ceremony, but as he slipped the ring on his bride’s finger, he struggled to get it on – and it was priceless.

Jack struggles to put the ring on Princess Eugenie’s finger.

6. Jack kept his glasses on to watch Eugenie walk down the aisle

One of the sweetest moments of the day was when Jack watched his bride walk down the aisle.

But if you were watching the vision that was Princess Eugenie in her white Peter Piloto and Christopher de Vos ensemble, you may have missed the moment Jack put his glasses on to watch her.

As she came to stand next to him at the altar, he took them off and it was just so sweet!

Jack kept his glasses on to watch Eugenie walk down the aisle. Image source: ITV

7. Sealed with a kiss

Just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before them, Princess Eugenie and Jack sealed their wedding with a kiss on the steps of Windsor castle.

While we know you didn’t miss this moment, we just wanted to show you again!

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8. Princess Eugenie’s incredible curtsy game

After the congregation sung God save the Queen, Princess Eugenie curtsied to her grandmother and it was a sight to see.

One of the most beautiful royal curtsies we’ve ever seen – Eugenie was the perfect princess – straight out of a Disney movie.

See it in the tweet below!

9. The couple leave their reception

You may have been in the land of nod when Jack and Eugenie left their daytime reception!

The newly married couple, departed from their afternoon reception in an Aston Martin DB10, designed and engineered in the UK and made for the James Bond film Spectre.

See the departure in the Instagram below!
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