Princess Kate takes a shot!

The princess meets her match in a friendly with tennis royalty

When it comes to sports, there’s nothing the Princess of Wales won’t try. Now Kate has even taken on tennis legend Roger Federer at his own game.

The 41-year-old was able to hold her own in a friendly match against the 20-time Grand Slam champion when the pair met to highlight the work of ball boys and girls at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which starts this week.

Kate got a shot past the Swiss star, who declared it to be “amazing”! But the princess didn’t let his compliment go to her head and instead asked for coaching advice.

“Any tips on my serve would be very helpful,” she told Roger. He said it “looks good”!

The pair also joined in a training session for the ball boys and girls, learning how to roll balls, as well as throw them with a straight arm.

Roger, 41, is a good friend of Kate and Prince William, 41, and has visited their Anmer Hall home in Norfolk, and even given son Prince George, nine, a tennis lesson.

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Fair play to the ball girl, who kept her focus on the job and not Kate!

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You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to roll ’em…

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You’ve been served! Kate asks Roger for some tips.

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