We can’t help but think that Meghan and Harry’s joint royal monogram shows they are meant to be!

Could their initials be more perfectly entwined?

It’s plain to see the royal family’s newest newlyweds are completely and utterly in love, but when you take a look at Meghan and Harry’s joint monogram you can’t help but believe that these two are meant to be.

All royal family members have their own monogram or royal cypher, which they use on official letterheads, but joint ones are also created for royal couples.

In the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s monogram the H for Harry and M for Meghan fit perfectly over one another to create one letter that can be both M and H at the same time. Their individual monograms barely change to fit together in perfect unison, creating a sleek and elegant symbol that is stunning in its simplicity. Could their initials be more beautifully intertwined?

This is Prince Harry’s monogram:

And this is Meghan’s singular monogram – we wonder if the former calligrapher had a say in its design!

According to Town and Country, the sapphire-blue colour of the monogram is said to be a a tribute to Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, and carries the blue of Prince Harry’s original monogram, adding yet another layer of meaning to the stunning royal symbol.

Prince William, Prince Charles and the Queen bear maroon monograms.

Just another small detail that adds to this royal couple’s love story. Sigh.

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