James Hewitt finally breaks silence on Prince Harry fatherhood claims

The former lover of Princess Diana opened up in an interview with Sunday Night.
princess diana

princess diana

princess diana

After years of speculation that he might be the biological father of Prince Harry, James Hewitt has finally addressed the rumours, in an interview with Sunday Night.

Host Melissa Doyle attended Princess Di’s former lover’s home in Devon, southwest England, where the pair spent time together during their affair.

Asking him directly if he was Harry’s father, James replied: “No I am not.”

James and Diana began an affair in the ’80s, around the same time that Prince Charles was rumoured to be seeing Camilla Parker Bowles, now his wife.

Explaining to Doyle that he and the Princess enjoyed a simple life together, he said they would sit and laugh together and relax, he would cook for her and then she’d do the washing up.

At the time of their affair, Hewitt was an officer in the British army, eventually being deployed to serve in the Gulf War. The couple were forced to separate for good when the affair was exposed.

But despite this being over twenty years ago, there has been speculation that James is the biological father of Prince Harry for the decades since – often sparked due to the physical resemblance between the two.

“It sells papers,” Hewitt explained. “It’s worse for him (Harry) poor chap.”

The programme also interviewed Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe, who would sleep on a camp bed outside the bedroom the princess shared with her lover.

“It was not for me to moralise,” Ken explained.

“It was her life, their life. I was there for one specific reason, I would never let her down.”

After the affair was revealed, James Hewitt was reviled in the UK for his actions, admitting previously that he considered taking his own life after it fell apart.

Diana;s former butler, Paul Burrell, also revealed the note that the royal gave to him, in which she claimed her husband was planning “an accident in my car” so that the path would be clear for him to marry Camilla Parker Bowles.

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