Fergie tweets about her regrets

Sarah Ferguson has taken to social media to voice her regrets at her "stupid recklessness".

The Duchess of York, who has just celebrated her 55th birthday, was clearly feeling wistful when she took to Twitter to post a series of cryptic messages about her “Gratitude for the change of seasons” and how it “shows consistency as life goes on, even if we have highs and lows”.
Fergie went on to post a series of reflective tweets, the most interesting of which was perhaps this:
“Sometimes we look back at our life, dropping our jaw at our stupid recklessness.”
While she didn’t go into detail about exactly what reckless mistakes she was thinking of from her own life, Fergie is clearly hoping to move forward and keep thinking positive.
While the exact meaning behind the posts weren’t made clear, they certainly seemed to be rather dark, causing her 79,000 followers to worry about her wellbeing.
The Daily Mail reports that a friend of the Duchess said, “She is in a good place at the moment. She has clearly got her life back together after the events of recent years.”
Even the Queen seems to be welcoming her back into the royal fold, reportedly offering her Windsor Palace as a party venue for Fergie's recent birthday. She was also allowed to stay at the Queen's Scottish holiday estate during the summer, along with her daughters - the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

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