Married at First Sight

Yikes! These couples haven’t survived the MAFS 2024 experiment so far

Not everyone has what it takes...
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Married At First Sight Australia hunts down the ‘perfect’ match with the help of three relationship experts. While these ‘married’ couples may seem perfect on paper, few (even most) couples do not survive the experiment.

For the 2024, viewers have been gifted 12 couples. However, not long after the strangers said ‘I do’ and moved in together, one couple had already decided to call it quits.

Continue scrolling to discover which couples have left the Married At First Sight Australia 2024 experiment.

Ellie & Ben

From the very beginning, these pair were in rocky waters as Ellie was concerned her new husband wasn’t in the experiment with the right intentions.

It was a back and forth tussle with these two, but it all imploded after Ellie wrote leave during their final commitment ceremony. While the pair remained in the experiment, due to Ben writing stay, he later revealed during the dinner party that he just saw them as friends.

“The truth is… I don’t believe we’re meant to be with each other. I do believe we’re better off friends, I’m sorry for wasting your time,” he said at the table.

To which Ellie responded: “Everyone gets to witness my broken heart.”

Madeleine & Ash

Perhaps one of the shortest stays in the MAFS experiment, intruder couple Madeleine and Ash left the experiment one week after their wedding episode.

In the beginning, it was sunshine and rainbows for the pair. But as Madeleine received psychic downloads and displayed her intense emotions, Ash became more “frustrated” and confused.

“I wanted to marry someone that wanted to find love,” he told the experts during their first commitment ceremony. “I want to get to know her on a deeper level, I want to connect.”

However, Madeleine wrote leave and her reasoning as to why?

“The thing is this, life is weird. It is, it’s weird. I think the universe pulls use to do things,” she said.

The next morning Ash regretted his decision, stating the relationship “was doomed from the start” and exited the experiment.

Natalie & Collins

The first couple to leave MAFS 2024 is Collins and Natalie.

Married life didn’t mesh well for the couple with Collins becoming quickly overwhelmed by his wife’s enthusiasm. The honeymoon didn’t kick off any feelings either, with Natalie admitting “there was no romance.”

While there have been minor cracks in their relationship, the first dinner party is where it all unfolded, seeing all the other couples all loved-up. Devastated, Nat made the decision to leave the experiment.

But made a swift return but resided in a separate apartment from her husband – yet still unable to shake the feeling that the relationship was all an “Oscars performance” from Collins.

Certain there was no future or romantic connection, she said a final goodbye to the experiment.

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