Married at First Sight

Get to know the MAFS 2024 intruder, Madeleine Jevic

You may recognise her from her previous rounds on Australian TV

Married At First Sight Australia is gearing up to welcome its Intruder brides and grooms for 2024, including former Home and Away actress Madeleine Jevic.

Maddy was a newcomer in Summer Bay back in 2020 as Amber Simmons, the ex-girlfriend and mother of Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) baby, Jai.

Madeleine is one of the MAFS Intruders for 2024.

At the time she spoke to our sister site New Idea, revealing she was “besotted” with the show and its cast.

“We’re all like a big family. Sam Frost (who plays Jasmine) is beautiful – she’s one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met, and has made my experience of joining the show so easy. And Sarah Roberts (Willow) is beautiful, too. Honestly, everyone is divine and we have drinks sometimes and chat. We’re all very close.”

The MAFS intruder portrayed the role for 55 episodes until her departure in 2021.

Aside from her stint on the soap, Maddy has starred in a number of popular Australian shows including Upper Middle Bogan and the Australian iconic series, Wentworth as Nurse Lee Radcliffe.

“I’ve done a comedy, a drama and now I’m doing a soap opera – I’ve covered a lot of bases,” she told New Idea in 2020. “I feel very, very fortunate.”

Madeleine played Amber in Home and Away.

While it is arguably quite a shakeup in careers – from soap to reality television – however, Madeleine recently made the decision to walk away from acting to pursue a career as a psychic medium after an ayahuasca experience.

She also stepped away from a nine-year relationship to find a ‘man’ and ‘not a boy,’ according to Nine.

The Adelaide-born bride is participating in MAFS 2024 in the hopes she will find a partner who is kind, loyal and will love her just as she is. Admitting her career can keep her isolated and single.

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