Married at First Sight

MAFS star Mike reveals why he moved on so fast

Newly coupled up, the MAFS groom comes out all guns blazing for his former bride
MAFS groom Mike in front of tropical trees

Married At First Sight New Zealand groom Mike Wilson isn’t wasting time mourning his failed marriage to bride Kara Lester – the bearded Auckland auctioneer reveals he’s moved on with a reiki healer from the Bay of Plenty… and no, it’s not Maddie!

Speaking to Woman’s Day from the Gold Coast, where he’s holidaying with his new love, Mike, 37, says he’s happier than ever, but he has a few choice words to say about his ex-wife, Christchurch car saleswoman Kara, 33.

“She’s just a horrible person, inside and out,” he declares. “She can put whatever she likes out on social media – it just makes her look bad. I mean, if you’re getting banned [by the publicist] from doing interviews, that’s about as low as you get.”

Kara’s insults in recent social posts and interviews are a case of “the pot calling the kettle black”, says Mike. “She’s just doing it to get attention. It’s funny because she was worried about me doing the show for the wrong reasons, like plugging my business, yet now she’s doing anything she can for airtime and to stay relevant.”

In hindsight, Mike admits, their issues all came down to trust. “We were both attracted to each other at the beginning, but she didn’t trust anything I said and you can’t build a relationship without trust.”

Mike and Kara on their MAFS wedding day
After an initial spark, Mike and Kara’s marriage crashed and burned.

The beginning of a new chapter

Since Kara went “rogue” on the MAFS publicity trail, Mike says he’s deleted all social-media apps off his phone. “It’s been a nice little shut-off,” he smiles, his new lady, 33, sitting by his side.

The pair met shortly after the Three show finished filming. As well as a healer, she’s also a marriage celebrant and intimacy coach.

“I’ve been with her for four months,” he reveals. “She’s amazing. She listens and communicates. We talk about anything and everything. We’re doing long distance, but we’re both busy people, so it hasn’t really affected us.”

Reflecting on his return to the spotlight on MAFS after a stint on The Apprentice Aotearoa in 2021, Mike says, “I understand that they have a show to make and it has to be entertaining, but the edit was definitely skewed more positively towards Kara. But hey, I’m living my life in a positive way. I’m happy, I’m busy and I’m out here in the sunshine, loving life.

“A person will always show their true colours and I always knew that everyone would see Kara for who she really is. I’m not one to talk about others and bring them down. Anyone who tries to take other people down isn’t a good person.”

Catch up on Mike’s season of Married At First Sight New Zealand today on ThreeNow.

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