Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight's Ines Basic appears in court on drink driving charges

The judge labelled her an "absolute brat."

Married At First Sight Australia's most controversial bride Ines Basic has been sentenced to 70 hours community service and been told to "get some perspective on life" after she admitted to drink driving on Christmas Day last year.
Ines, who was originally matched with Bronson Norrish on the hit reality show but left after having an "affair" with Sam Ball, was accused of ramming her sister's car as it was parked in a driveway while she was drunk on vodka and Champagne.
The 29-year-old arrived at Brisbane's Cleveland Magistrates Court on Tuesday in a Mercedes limousine and was flanked by a bodyguard wearing a suit.
The court heard the legal secretary was drinking from 10am at her sister's house in Redland Bay in Brisbane on December 25, when the pair got into a heated argument about her decision to go on Married At First Sight.
At around 7pm, Ines left the house, got into her car and claims she "tapped" her sister's car. But a police prosecutor told the court Ines was yelling "absolutely disgraceful" obscenities and "carrying on like an absolute idiot".
Police allege that Ines was heard screaming "I'm going to f---ing burn your f---ing house down".
She also screamed and swore at police, and when asked by a female police officer to calm down she yelled "f---ing arrest me then b----". She also gave a fake name to police, "Vanessa Ines".
The court heard she told police officers, "I would never drink drive but the b*tch pissed me off", referring to her sister.
Watch: The truth of Sam and Ines' affair comes out. Article continues below.
Ines was charged with mid-range drink driving, driving with undue care and attention, commit public nuisance and contravene a police direction, referring to her giving police a fake name. She pleaded guilty to all the charges.
Ines' lawyer told the court his client had "issues with her childhood" and aside from two public nuisance charges in 2009 and 2014 respectively, she had a good history with the law.
While Magistrate Deborah Vasta let Ines off with only a fine, no criminal conviction recorded and 70 hours of community service, she blasted Ines in court, saying she had behaved like an "absolute brat" who was living in a "bubble of artificiality".
"I get you might have been drunk but it's still no excuse," Magistrate Vasta said. She also told the reality star she needed to "get some perspective on life."
"I think the best way for you to repay your debt to society is rolling up your sleeves, and getting out into the community and amongst reality and the real fabric of society," Magistrate Vasta said. "Because whatever reality TV show you've been on, it's not reality."
It wasn't just Ines' affair with Sam (above) that earned her a reputation as the 'villain' of the show. Her treatment of husband Bronson left viewers shocked too.
Ines has been displaying increasingly erratic behaviour of late. Reports emerged that she was suffering from post traumatic stress following the end of the show, after she received a barrage of online abuse.
A friend of Ines' told Woman's Day she had cut herself off from friends and castmates, and was "living like a recluse" in her Brisbane home.
"She's lost about 12kg since filming finished – and she was tiny to begin with," the friend added. "Everyone's really worried about her."
Ines and Bronson's marriage was doomed from the start.
Ines isn't the only Married at First Sight contestant to be facing legal charges. Daniel Webb, who is currently embroiled in a cheating scandal of his own with Jessika Power, has been charged with aggravated fraud after allegedly taking part in a huge telemarketing scam on the Gold Coast.
The scam reportedly robbed $20 million from innocent local families. Police claim Webb took advantage of vulnerable people and asked them to cough up between $500-$1000 for a four-day trial of investment and betting software before getting them to sign on to a 12-month contract.
A source told Now to Love that as part of his bail conditions, Dan was required to "check in at the police station every fortnight and had to fly home from filming MAFS to undertake these check in to ensure he wasn't breaching his conditions."