Married at First Sight

MAFS ex virgin Matthew has moved on with a new girlfriend

Well, that was quick!

For any Married At First Sight fans who were hoping Matthew and Lauren would work things out, think again.
In an interview on Nova breakfast radio show in Australia, the 29 year-old videographer revealed that not only has his relationship with Lauren well and truly ended, but he has also moved on with a new girlfriend.
Matthew, who was more commonly known on the show as The 29 Year-Old Virgin or The Ex Virgin (after Matthew lost his virginity to Lauren during the reality TV series), even invited his new girlfriend, Annabelle, on the show with him. He has been dating her since December last year.
"We met through wrestling, so we both train at UPW [United Pro Wrestling] on the Sunshine Coast," she said on the air.
Annabelle, who hails from the UK, confesses she hadn't even heard of the show, let alone how popular it is in Australia.
"Yeah it's pretty crazy. We started getting on and he showed me a video of them running through mazes and I was like, 'What is this, a gardening show?'"
The couple made the decision not to watch the show, but Annabelle is well aware of the drama surrounding his on-screen bride Lauren.
Matthew introduced his new girlfriend on air with Australian radio duo Fitzy and Wippa. (Image: Instagram @fitzyandwippa)
Matthew also revealed that Lauren has been "relentlessly" sending him texts, and not friendly ones.
"The context of the messages is, well, to put it bluntly, it's abuse. That's all it is," the MAFS groom stated.
However, Matthew's new lady love is taking all the drama with a grain of salt.
"I guess that my spin on it is the fact that sometimes people just aren't buying what you're selling and that doesn't make you a bad person, and for her I just think that it's hard and it's tough and I kind of feel for her a bit to be honest.
"I don't think it says anything about her, the way that your [Matthew's] feelings manifested in the way that they did."
WATCH: Matthew reveals he has asked Lauren to stop contacting him after "relentless" texts. Story continues below.
Matthew's not the only one to go on air and spill the beans about MAFS. Lauren also opened up about her Married At First Sight experience to Jackie O and Beau Ryan on their KIIS FM show.
Not only did the make-up artist reveal that producers scripted her "lesbian" revelation to Matthew, but she added that she felt that she was merely the bride married to a 29-year-old virgin and it was all about him.
"We all have a role to play, this whole story with Matthew and I, was about Matthew and his virginity.
"You could see it from day one. It was all about him. His struggles, his issues, his self-development."