Woman’s Day On The Go: Shortland Street 25th Anniversary Party

See who we spotted celebrating the milestone 25th anniversary of New Zealand's favourite soap!
Amanda Billing

Shortland Street celebrated a very special milestone with last night’s 25th anniversary feature-length episode.

To mark the occasion, cast, crew and fans came together at a birthday bash for New Zealand’s favourite drama in Auckland last night.

Keep scrolling to see who we spotted at the Shortland Street 25th anniversary party!

All photos by Carmen Bird

Michael Galvin, Jo Raj

Michael Galvin

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Shortland Street stars share what advice they would give their 25-year-old selves.

Michaela Rooney

Teuila Blakely

Elizabeth McRae, Andrea Kelland

Kelly Bertrand and Alice O’Connell

Laura Hill

Sebastian van der Zwan, Elizabeth McRae, Ashleigh McEnaney

Jessica Joy Wood

Caitlin Marett, Megan Sellers

Laura Hill, Michael Galvin

Lionel Wellington, John Leigh, Michael Galvin

Carl Fletcher, Megan Sellers, Vaughan Smith

Colin Moy, Grant Lobban

Braydon Priest, Brodie Kane

Ruby Lyon, Tash Keddy

Lynette Forday, Dane Tuiqerequre

Amanda Billing, Kirstie O’Sullivan

Alison Quigan

Ngahuia Piripi, Lucy Lovegrove

Tahei Simpson

Grace Palmer, Laurel Devenie

Harry McNaughton, Caroline Bell-Booth

Kerry-Lee Dewing and Sam Bunkall

Blair Strang

Sam Bunkall

Kerry-Lee Dewing and Grace Palmer

Danielle Cormack

Maxine Fleming

Grace Palmer, Ben Mitchell, Kerry-Lee Dewing

Luke Patrick, Laura Hill, Grant Lobban

Danielle Cormack, Claire Chitham

Elizabeth McRae, Michael Galvin

Claire Chitham, Theresa Healey, Teuila Blakely

Teone Kahu, Ben Mitchell

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Shortland Street stars wish the show a happy 25th anniversary

Teone Kahu, Luke Patrick, Ben Mitchell, Grant Lobban

Elizabeth McRae, Claire Chitham

Lynette Forday, Michaela Rooney

Tash Keddy, Ben Mitchell, Ashleigh McEnaney, Holly Bates

Luke Patrick, Jarod Rawiri, Lukas Whiting, Ngahuia Piripi, Ruby Lyon, Kerry-Lee Dewing

Michelle Blundell, Johnny Barker,

Lucy Lovegrove, Lukas Whiting, Grace Palmer

Kirstie O’Sullivan, Ben Mitchell, Alison Quigan

Johnny Barker, Jessica Joy Wood

Holly Bates, Jarod Rawiri, Laurel Devenie, Colin Moy, Claire Chitham

Luke Patrick, Lucy Lovegrove, Lukas Whiting

John Leigh, Theresa Healey

Kelly Bertrand, Alice O’Connell, Sido Kitchin

Laura Hill, Harry McNaughton, Amanda Billing

Teuila Blakely, Rachael Blampied

Teuila Blakely, Tash Keddy

Laura Hill, Harry McNaughton, Amanda Billing

Rachael Blampied, Tamar Munch, Teuila Blakely

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Shortland Street Favourite Moments

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