Woman’s Day On The Go: New Zealand Fashion Week opening night

Check out who we spotted on opening night at this year's New Zealand Fashion Week.
Kelly Coe at New Zealand Fashion WeekCarmen Bird

Fashion-lovers came out in force at last night’s glitzy opening night festivities for New Zealand Fashion Week.

Iconic Kiwi label Zambesi kicked things off with a bang for the 17th annual Fashion Week, sending their futuristic inspired collection down the runway featuring plenty of silver metallics, bright marigolds and earthy hues.

We spotted plenty of celebrities at the opening night – keep scrolling below to see who was there to celebrate this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week, and check out our wrap-up of the first day here.

All photos by Carmen Bird

Horst Knoff-Thomas, Mark Knoff-Thomas, Portia Campbell, Zara Overton

Sarah Rumbold, Phil Goff

Ben Dundas, Jenny Joblin

Tracey Warren, Lulu Wilcox, Nicky Gadsdon

Karin Horen, Liz Mitchell

Nathan Coe, Kelly Coe

Anna Reeve, Julia Mathews

Judi Bagust, Petra Bagust

Andrea Moore, Brian Molloy, Carolyn Enting

Angelique Fris-Taylor, Colin Mathura-Jeffree

Charmaine Ngarimu, Fiona Tarlton

Carolyn Enting, Patty Huntington

Neville Findlay, Peta Stuart, Phil Goff

Andrea Moore

Julia Leuchars, Kathryn Wilson

Brett Graham, Misty Ratima

Kathryn Wilson, Nikki Kaye, Julia Leuchars

Nick Von K, Lucy Lynch

Karin Horen, Phil Goff, Bridgette Jackson

Jacinda Ardern, Phil Goff

Sarah Stuart. Julia Leuchars

Jacinda Ardern

Kristen Gou, Patric Seng

Nikki Lovrich, Neil Gussey

Michaiah Simmons-Villari, Ashleigh Allen, Trish Peng

Fiona Tarlton, Lix Mitchell,Bridgette Jackson, Donna Balasoglou, Karin Horen, Megan Robinson, Kirsten Smedley

Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Jacinda Ardern

Jing Song, Tom French, Natalie Williams

Ricardo Simich, Rebecca Sudoma, Steve Dunstan

Luca Villari, Zak d’larte, Spiros Poros

Lewis Rowe, Bridgette Jackson, Luke Bird

Kirsten Smedley, Donna Balasoglou

Amanda Bransgrove, Peter Gould, Liz Mitchell

Kirsten Gou, Spiros Poros

Mino Kim, Kylie Cooke, Alex Blanco

Boh Runga, Jing Song

Ursula Seven, Andrea Basile

Admir Mullaaliu, Scott Woolright, Ema Latu, Bo Portugal

Tarryn Paris, Stan Walker

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