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Tom Cruise speaks out about Suri for the first time in years

In a rare moment of candour on the red carpet, the actor spoke about his daughter Suri - who he hasn't been seen with in over four years.
Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has always opted to keep the details of his 2012 split from Katie Holmes private, despite living a life in the public spotlight.

But on Monday, the actor made a rare comment about his youngest offspring’s acting aspirations while speaking with the Sydney Morning Herald on the red carpet of his new film – The Mummy.

When asked if he thought his young daughter, Suri Cruise, might have been bitten by the acting bug like her famous parents, he responded: “You never know, you never know.”

Born on April 18, 2006, Suri is the only child from TomKat’s time together.

The 54-year-old then quickly turned the subject back onto himself, saying: “For me, I just love making movies. I have been doing it my whole life. I am shooting Mission Impossible right now.”

“I just left from France to be here today and while I was doing it, I was in post production on another film, one I have coming out in August called American Made and I am also prepping two other films, it’s just what I do,” he told the publication.

We see what you did there!

These days, Suri lives with her mum.

Katie is believed to be wildly protective of her daughter.

It’s unknown when Tom and Suri last saw each other.

Suri, now 11, made headlines last year after she was reportedly caught making secret phone calls to her dad.

At the time a source revealed to Star magazine that, “Suri has been talking to Tom behind Katie’s back. He looks forward to her texts.”

Suri is reportedly not allowed to speak to her father publicly because of his position in the Scientology community.

The source added that “Katie is very concerned about Suri being brainwashed; that’s why she wanted to monitor every conversation.”

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“She’s well aware of how powerful Scientology is, and she doesn’t want Tom luring Suri away from her. It’s a constant fear.”

The source added: “It’s not surprising that Suri is confused by the lack of communication between her parents.”

“She’s growing up, asking more questions and it’s becoming harder to shield her from the whispers. She wants to speak to her dad.”

While her relationship with her father remains the subject of much intrigue, in 2008 Tom proudly told Oprah that Suri was the centre of his universe.

It’s unknown when Tom and Suri last saw each other.

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