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Tina Fey hilariously impersonates Sofia Vergara with Jimmy Fallon

From Elmo to Sofia Vergara, Tina Fey joins Jimmy Fallon to attempt impersonations of famous people on The Tonight Show.

By Skye Ross
Is it just us, or does Jimmy Fallon bring out the best in people with his games on The Tonight Show?
Most recently, Saturday Night Live actress and comedian Tina Fey joined the host for a go at ‘First Impressions’.
The name of the game is to pick up the card on the top of the pile and read the random phrase in the voice of the celebrity or character listed. Then the other person has to guess who they’re impersonating.
Despite Tina Fey saying “it's tricky because I stink at impressions and you're very good at impressions,” to Fallon, she really was a natural.
Watch her best moment when she channelled her inner Sofia Vergara, complete with her attempt at gaining a bustier chest:
To see the rest of their impersonations, watch the full video here.

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