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The Hits morning co-host Sarah Gandy shares her favourite things

Sarah co-hosts The Hits morning show alongside Toni Street and Sam Wallace.

My typical week… I wake up at 4am every day with a wake-up light (aka my daily saving grace). It’s way less jarring than the alarm on my phone which now rarely goes off. I’m at work by 5, getting across news and prepping the show with Toni and Sam, and our producers.

We’re on air at 6 and then it’s all go until 9am. I can usually be out of work before lunch, which gives me time for the gym, yoga or a walk somewhere. I need balance so I always try to get some non-work related activities into every day like reading, drama practice, or taking the dogs to the beach. I’ve also perfected the 20-minute power nap.

My husband Luke is a film editor and often works from home, so depending on his schedule, we can actually spend a good amount of time together during the week. I tend to use rainy afternoons as an excuse to hide inside and watch a movie or TV show – I’ve just started watching the new series A Handmaid’s Tale. It’s eerily brilliant!

I absolutely love travel, and while I don’t travel all that much for work at the moment, I love researching a trip somewhere fun – you always need a good holiday to look forward to.

Top 3 things that are non-negotiable when you have to wake up at 4am for work

1 Going to bed before 9pm

2 Coffee

3 A job you love

Best birthday: In Paris. Coffee, chocolate crepes and a stroll through the Jardin du Luxembourg with my husband – c’etait parfait!

If I were a billionaire: I would have no idea what to do with all that money. I’d probably end up wearing some pretty terrible outfits though.

The person I’d cast in a movie of my life would be… Drew Barrymore, because…we look vaguely similar and she’d nail the awkward goof thing pretty well. It would also make it much easier for me to raid her wardrobe.

My heroine: Michelle Obama

To have a honeymoon: (I was married in March 2016… just can’t decide on a destination.)

City I’d <3 to live in: Los Angeles …But then Donald Trump happened.

Advice to my younger self: Stop worrying about embarrassing yourself – nobody is really paying that much attention.

Most watched movie: Empire Records

Favourite quote

The three things I’d take with me to a desert island are… My husband (does he count as a thing in this scenario?), my Akubra hat (sun smarts), and some comfy pants.

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