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Susan Boyle tormented by teens in abuse campaign

The Britain’s Got Talent winner has been physically and verbally attacked in her home town.

Susan Boyle has spoken out about being regularly victimised by a group of up to 15 teenagers in her hometown.

The Britain’s Got Talent winner revealed the horrendous abuse she has been suffering at her home town Blackburn, West Lothian.

The Aspergers sufferer has reportedly had burning paper thrown at her face, as well as verbal abuse.

An eyewitness said, “We were inside the bus and they were throwing stones, screaming and shouting things.

“Another time 10 to 15 of them were surrounding and throwing stuff. They lit a piece of paper and threw it at her face.”

Locals told the Sunday Mirror, “Susan was walking out and they were all standing at the entrance and they said to her ‘why don’t you get yourself a pair of glasses you ugly, old b—‘.”

Though Boyle has been suffering the brunt of the abuse, she is sadly not the only one.

“They pick on the most vulnerable people,” one local says. “If there is more than one person they won’t do it – because they are too scared. It’s old people, children, mentally ill people. It’s really disgusting.”

Boyle won Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 and still lives in the house she grew up in.

A spokesperson for the singer said they’re planning to contact the police to ensure the singer’s safety.

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