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Shane Cortese joins real estate firm

The Kiwi actor is making a big career change.
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From the stage and the small screen, to real estate – it seems there’s nothing New Zealand actor Shane Cortese can’t do!

The Nothing Trivial star announced today that he has joined premium real estate firm New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty, operating out of the Takapuna and Herne Bay offices in Auckland.

In a statement, Shane said the move was a “huge opportunity” for him.

“Selling a property for someone will be incredibly rewarding; often it’s an investment people will make only a few times in their lives,” he said.

“I have an appreciation for discretion and privacy – I personally know the importance of it and have valued my own privacy over the past few years – and I will be bringing that appreciation into my work.

“However, I’m also very realistic about the perception of so-called ‘celebrity’ to move into real estate. People are smart: It may be an opening of a door but at the end of the day their focus is selling their home or buying a property.

“It’s all about who will be the best personality fit to achieve that. I’m looking forward to working with buyers and sellers to be the best fit for that task, and more importantly working with them again and again. There is nothing better than being cast again on the back of a good performance!”

Shane’s new role won’t spell the end of his acting career, however, with the Almighty Johnson’s star opting to be more selective with his choices instead.

The move into real estate also means Shane will be able to spend more time in New Zealand with his family, which includes wife Nerida and children Kees, Jett and Tammy.

“Having a family means I can’t go off to the US or England and be in a long-running television series there. I’m also very committed to NZ drama and would very much like to remain filming here in NZ,” he says.

“However, that comes with restrictions based on the amount actors make, so I need other interests. The luxury real estate industry in NZ – of which NZSIR is a market leader – is exciting, sought-after, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.”

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