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Rachel Hunter: why I’m choosing to stay positive

After the loss of her mum earlier this year Rachel is looking at life through a new lens.

Despite the tough times that Rachel Hunter has been through this year, she has chosen to stay positive. In an exclusive interview with NEXT Rachel opens up about her latest beauty tour, how she really feels about ageing and the loss of her mum.

Rachel’s hit show Tour of Beauty returns to our screens on August 23 and, just as with the first season, it’s less about the external side of beauty that the stunning supermodel wants to draw your attention to and more about the internal. It was always Rachel’s goal that Tour of Beauty would look at what beauty means to us in a wider context.

“We say ‘Look at this beautiful day, look at this beautiful flower. Beauty is such a huge word for so many different things and that’s what the TV show eventually showed. It was just as much about the humanity, the community behind these ideas. And the real people we saw in each episode, and their authenticity, made them the real stars of the show.”

It’s the feeling of authenticity that has been one of the defining characteristics of Rachel’s career, the reason she has always been ‘Our Rach’.

It’s also one of the reasons she chose to share intimate snapshots into her mother Janeen Phillips’ terminal illness, and her family’s experience being at her bedside until she passed away in May.

“When I say it on my Instagram, I say it in my words. It’s not sensationalised into headlines, it doesn’t become someone else’s perception of what’s written down. Because if I handed that into somebody else’s hands, it becomes their perception. And death is part of life.”

A lot of life, Rachel says, comes down to changing your perspective and looking on the positive side as much as you can.

“Look, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but I’m choosing to see the more positive side of this… because I ain’t going down that rabbit hole. Being a miserable sad person doesn’t work for me.”

For more see the September issue of NEXT magazine.

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