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Rachel Hunter: Girls behaving badly

The model and judge of New Zealand's Next Top Model reflects on the competition.
Rachel Hunter on New Zealand's Next Top Model

The Top Model girls are very lucky to be shooting in Abu Dhabi – what an exotic location! There’s an amazing culture there too, and the girls need to get used to experiencing all kinds of cultures. I’d love to see how they get on in a city like New York, Paris or London – the real fashion capitals of the world.

I think Rosanagh could be in for the long haul – although, judging by some of the comments she makes, I think she needs a lesson in manners!

The other week she got cross because the taxi driver didn’t carry her bags for her. I mean really – pick up your own bag. At every set and shoot, unless you’re right at the top, everyone pitches in and helps out. You don’t have people running around after you or carrying your bags for you. Especially not in New Zealand – we’re just not like that.

I’m also not impressed with her attitude towards outsiders like Bianca. She does take stunning shots though – let’s hope she keeps the level of her pictures this high.

Having said that, Rosanagh isn’t the only one who has been behaving badly towards Bianca. However, Bianca doesn’t help herself when she pulls away from the group and isolates herself even more. On the other hand, we’ve always known she’s the misfit, and people having a go at her because they don’t like her just isn’t appropriate. I don’t tolerate bullying in any form – cutting someone out for being different isn’t the way to win friends.

The girls are in a modelling competition, but they are also on a TV show, and right now it’s almost as much about their personality as it is about their pictures. Unfortunately, no-one is standing out for me as an obvious winner – and that isn’t a good thing.

By now we should be seeing the results of all the opportunities and teaching the girls have been given. I’m ready to start seeing some excellence now please!

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