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Polly Gillespie writes emotional tribute to Jonah Lomu

The radio star reveals her heart has been “smashed” by the sad news
Jonah Lomu

Kiwi radio host Polly Gillespie has shared her grief at the news of Jonah Lomu’s passing, writing a heartfelt open letter on Facebook that pays tribute to the 40-year-old All Black legend.

Polly, whose husband Grant Kereama donated his kidney to Jonah in 2004, wrote that she couldn’t believe the tragic news was true.

“This is not a hoax…..Oh God that it was…..” she wrote on Facebook.

One of my best friends is gone. Jonah who would talk with me about everything from Versace dinner ware to silly drinking games has gone. Jonah always stood up for me. He actually stood up for me like a big brother. Jonah stayed with us for months and we’d talk and hoon around and laugh, and always watch Antiques Roadshow. One thing about my boy is he had great taste in women, and through the years I became friends with the lovely Teina, the indomitable Fiona, and the ever loving Nadene. He sure had great taste in women.

Jonah I’m going to miss your calls from all the strangest places in the world. I’ll miss telling you off and telling you the truth when no-one else will do it. I’ll miss your big hands describing the cool things you’ve seen, and the quiet dignified way you handled, fans, foes and your illness.

Jonah I miss you arriving in the middle of the night with a big feed and presents for the kids [Far too generous] I’ll miss the way you always called me Miss Polly, and would come in to the lounge, lie on my couch and immediately go in to a deep sleep for hours. It was the magic couch eh J-Lo?

Grant and I loved you like our own brother, and life without you already hurts so badly. I can’t stop crying. I can’t stop wishing I could have somehow done something. I’m going to miss you like a naughty little brother. Oh Jonah…what are we to do without you? I still have half your stuff stored in your room at our house. My God you were more than the worlds greatest to me. You were just my friend, and I miss my friend.

Jonah I love and miss you, and my heart is breaking….”

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