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Pete Evans thinks the processed food industry is conspiring against him

“Everything comes down to dollars."
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My Kitchen Rules host Pete Evans has sparked a number of controversies during his crusade spread the word about the paleo diet.

From his infant bone broth recipe, which was deemed potentially dangerous by authorities, to [his warnings about [the dangers of wifi](http://www.womensweekly.co.nz/latest/celebrity/pete-evans-is-warning-people-about-wi-fi-19844), Evans’ passion for “healthy living” has angered health experts and professionals.

However, in a new profile in Australia’s Good Weekend magazine, Evans says that the uproar about his various claims is actually instigated by large corporations that feel threatened by the advice he gives.


“Once you start to pull back the rug on a lot of this it opens up so much more than you can probably put into a profile piece,” he said. “What we’re promoting here basically renders so many industries obsolete.”

Through his paleo principles Evans, who will host the next season of My Kitchen Rules New Zealand, strongly eschews processed foods, so says these kinds of companies could be out to get him.

“And you could look at the grains and legumes industry, for instance. Or the dairy industry. They would not want paleo to be promoted to the mainstream. Why? It all comes down to dollars at the end of the day. Everything comes down to dollars.”

Besides conspiracy theories, the interview also highlights the fact that Evans’ wife, Kiwi Nicola Robinson (formerly Nicky Watson), plans to get her breast implants removed soon, because they don’t align with their paleo lifestyle.

She “deeply regrets” the surgery, Evans revealed, and is “looking forward to getting the implants removed in the near future”.

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