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Paul Henry’s last show: “This is it”

The popular breakfast show host has signed off for the last time
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Veteran broadcaster Paul Henry wrapped his final show this morning, after two years on air.

To begin the show, the 56-year-old read aloud feedback from viewers of the show around the country, with several Kiwis thanking the broadcaster for his frank delivery while others took the opportunity to urge him to “try and stop drinking Pinot before 9am.”

Dedicated Paul Henry fans chose to farewell their favourite TV3 broadcaster in his own unique style – in the nude, while drinking a glass of wine.

Fans of the show including Colin Mathura-Jeffree began sending in their ‘tribute selfies’ toasting to his final broadcast alongside the hashtag #nakedpinot.

Paul Henry

“To everyone whose feedback I haven’t read out, because you can’t spend a whole show reading out feedback about yourself, thank you for your kind words, I will remember them,” he told the audience.

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“People are writing in to say they don’t know what they’re going to do in the future,” he added. “I’m so pleased about that. We cover serious stuff but at the end of the day we’re actually living. If you can find room to put a smile in the day it’s probably better than actually not.”

TV3 crew, reporters, producers and staff then stood to farewell the veteran broadcaster, as he delivered his final episode of The Paul Henry Show.

“This week I lost my most important audience member, which has probably confirmed to me, that this is the perfect time to end my career,” he told viewers, in an emotional farewell dedicated to his beloved mother Olive who sadly passed away on Monday after a long illness.

“I’d like to dedicate today’s programme to you – the most important component in all this nonsense. Make every day, a brilliant day in paradise, goodbye.”

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Paul went on to thank the newsrooms around the country, sales, make-up, live crews, engineers, and IT people.

“I do curse you, because I don’t understand what you do – but I do understand that it’s vital.”

Paul henry

Presenters Jim Kayes and Ingrid Hipkiss said a tearyfarewell to the host, as Paul took his final walk out of the TV3 studio, accompanied by Gerry Raferty’s hit song ‘Baker Street’, with some last words of advice for his fans.

“Start living. The time to live is now. Make that your new years resolution – don’t wait to live.”

Last month the presenter confirmed rumours he would be stepping down from his morning presenting duties in 2017.

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“I’m really proud of what we’ve done. But it’s time for me to enjoy a life without the nightmare of 2.30am alarms,” he said.

“I don’t need to explain myself; you’ve seen how successful this broadcasting experiment has been.

“Too many people spend their lives waiting to live. I don’t want to fall into that trap.”

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Henry has reportedly purchased a property in Palm Springs, California, where he plans to spend “the majority” of next year.

“I’m not stopping this because I want to go to another job,” he said. “I’m stopping this because I like to think I’ve got my life in perspective.”

In place of his breakfast show, TV3 confirmed Duncan Garner as the new host of its 6-9am weekday news programme The AM Show, which will be broadcast on TV3 and RadioLIVE.

MediaWorks have confirmed that Paul will remain a part of the network, with guest appearances on new 7pm programme The Project in 2017 as well as other potential roles to be announced next year.

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