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Looking back at Paul Henry’s career

As talk mounts he will be leaving TV3 at the end of 2016, we take a look back at some of our biggest moments with the controversial news man.

There is no denying Paul Henry is one of the biggest personalities on New Zealand television.

But talk is mounting he will leave TV3 – and his breakfast TV and radio show – at the end of this year, with Story host Duncan Garner touted to take over his morning hosting duties.

The New Zealand Herald claim an official announcement will be made on Thursday, following the US election and the release of the final radio survey results for the year.

MediaWorks would not confirm the rumours when asked by the Herald, saying it was “all speculation” for now.

The news comes just a week after Henry made highly criticised comments about a strangers breasts in an interview with Canvas magazine.

In that story, he also gave mixed feeling about his role.

“I’m not loving it or hating it, I’m doing it. Some days are very satisfying, some days are less satisfying. But they’re days,” he said.

While we wait for an official announcement, here is a collection of some of the journalist and presenter’s biggest moments over the past few years, both personally and professionally.


The outspoken TV presenter revealed his soft side and the special bond with his mum Olive. Click here to read their story.

“I do adore her. And I’m very proud… oh, you know that Mum. I’ve told you that a million times,” Paul says in mock exasperation, as Olive looks on in surprise that her famously dry-humoured son is being so complimentary.


Paul Henry and his friend, popular chef Annabelle White, chatted to us about why they need each other.

The affection between the TV star and the foodie is undeniable, and both Paul and Annabelle say the precious time they spend together in Napier is something they treasure greatly.


Back when his Australian breakfast show was getting slammed by the Aussie media, Paul displayed his characteristic optimism.

“The paper said at one point the show had 1000 viewers; what they didn’t say was that they had picked one moment, at the very start of the show at 6am, just in Sydney – they didn’t include anywhere else in Australia. It was an extremely selective number.”


When Network 10 decided n to pull the plug on his Aussie show Breakfast, Paul returned to New Zealand.

Paul said the show wasn’t given the support it needed.

“At the end of the day, you have to ask, did we give it our best shot?”

And the presenter was happy to be returning to New Zealand.


Paul explained early in 2013 how his three gorgeous daughters are the “backbone to my life”.

“The great thing about Dad is that he’s always praising us, letting us know how proud he is – but he hasn’t always been around,” says Bella.

Lucy, Sophie and Bella had a magical childhood in Homebush, outside Masterton.


In 2015, Paul talked to New Zealand Woman’s Weekly about his daughter Bella joining him on breakfast show Paul Henry. Bella performs alongside her dad as a make-up artist and as one of the on-screen personalities.

Bella knows just how to give her dad Paul Henry the brown glow that he loves.

“What I love about Bella is that she has this extraordinary enthusiasm for things, even things she passionately dislikes,” said the proud dad.

Paul expected his daughter Bella to bring a level of absurdity and fun to his new show.


More recently, Paul Henry chatted to us about his decision to go under the tattooist’s needle.

“I love it so much,” he says. “I got to the point where I thought it would be highly unreasonable to die without having a tattoo. This body went 55 years without having one. Certainly, there are a lot of people who ask, ‘Why?’, but really, why wouldn’t you? You probably only live once.”

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Paul Henry admits he is a nudist

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