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Paris Hilton admits her ‘baby voice’ was fake, reveals real voice

Paris has admitted that her famously high-pitched voice on The Simple Life was fake – and you’ll never believe what her ‘real’ voice sounds like!
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The reality TV star and entrepreneur recently appeared on the TODAY show, where she revealed that her iconic ‘baby voice’ from The Simple Life was heavily exaggerated for the cameras.

Halfway through her interview about her current business empire and music ambitions, the TODAY hosts couldn’t help but comment on her noticeably deeper voice.

“The voice is a little…have you been in the studio?” they asked. “You sound a little raspy, a little sexy.”

After denying claims that she was “just having some fun last night”, Paris said that this new voice was her real one.

“This is actually my real voice. My other voice – you know, that Simple Life kind of baby voice that I used to use…I actually have a low voice in real life,” responded the socialite.

Listen to Paris’ real voice in the video player above

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